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School project
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Thread: School project

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    * In the pictures of Gor, there is a TV in the family room, but no running water in the house. Is this typical to see in Thailand?

    *Is pregnancy before marriage common in Thailand?
    -How is it viewed?

    *Explain this whole 'Scout' thing to me?
    -Is it for boys and girls?

    *I saw a statistic that something like 40% of kids aged 5-9 have tried speed, is this true?

    *What would you say is Thailand's number one problem right now?

    *What is it like to be buddhist?

    *Are you curious about America?
    -What questions do you guys have for me and my classmates? (i'll post the answers)

    *What do most Thai people do for fun?

    *What music is popular in Thailand?

    *What is TV in Thailand like?
    -Shows, media?

    *If you could change one thing about Thailand, what would it be?

    *Is English taught in all, or most schools?
    -what is school in Thailand like?
    -Does everybody go to school?
    -DO most/some/no Thai people have computers or interenet access in their homes?

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