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    Kevin Guest

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    I will soon be returning to the Land Of Smiles with a smile of my own . for I am soon to be wed. too my wonderful fiance Ticompon. I am from America and not well versed on thai. customs
    my mothar will also be with me for the trip. i am looking fo advice an marrage customs
    dutys and responsabilitys etiquette.
    I have met her family and we got along well She speaks english well but her family does not speak english I am trying to learn thai. not so easy here in the states.
    My mother would also like to know what is expected of her if anything we will be spending about a month in thailand and any info ar advise would be wonderful

    Kevin p.

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    First, congratulation on your upcoming wedding.

    I don't really have a lot of detail on my web site yet on weddings, but I do have a photo story on the wedding of my parents. That will help you for a start. I will later try and get some more information for you.
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    so happy!

    Hello Kevin,

    A search at on "thai wedding" reveals quite a list on the subject. There're some very detailed sites, unfortunately they're in Thai.

    You may want to take a look here

    As a note, not all Thais have the traditional weddings (which is much related to Budhism). It is a good idea to check with your fiance regarding her family's believe systems and values. People acts according to believes, even different people in the same country prefers different ways to do things. I know of quite a lot of Thais who have weddings in Churches (although some are not Christians, they feel it's "romantic" to do so.

    Best Wishes.

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    Kevin Guest
    This is kevin again
    my brides family lives near Loas about 1.5 hours north of Ubon
    She is a buisness woman working for Nikita Co. Her family is asking for a rather large bride price they do not seem to understand that I am not a rich American It takes me almost a year to save for a 1 month trip. plus rings plus wedding party ples dowery.
    I am not sure what to do I dont mind paying a bride price I do not have someone to bargan
    for me and i do not want to offend anyone.


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