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    so boring... now my family know about my gf thing manz.... abit pressure

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    Falcoe Guest
    Good luck to you Adrain.

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    this is wat i am scare of but if she is willing to come back to mi i will accept her again.. cos i love her alot...if u love a person no matter wat mistake she commit u will still forgive believe mi

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    delawang Guest
    Long distance relationships are very demanding. They require a person to have a lot of character and be able to go extended periods of time without seeing the person they love. Many people end up feeling that life is passing them by and they do not wait.

    My work keeps me away from home for long periods of time, sometimes months in a row. When I am on the road I avoid making friends with single women because I know what could happen. I hang out with my married friends and their families, or with other guys.

    If my wife, who I love very much, ever decides that she is sick of me, or sick of this lifestyle, and wants another relationship all she has to do is get a boyfriend. I will leave in an instant. It would be a disaster for me, and for our families. If we were just dating it would not be a big deal, but when a person tells you they want a relationship with just one person, then they go find another person, the message is pretty clear. Either they don't really want a relationship with one person, or you are not the one person they want. Either way, you have to move on. Doesn't matter if you have been in love for six months of sixteen years- you have to move on.

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    ya i do agree it require alot of character.. but i believe if u love that person u will wait..but for the other side... u have to worry that type of mental stress not every one can take it.. i am afraid i may go crazy anytime..but i realli love her alot alot..

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    Falcoe Guest
    Hi Adrain, firstly I wish you happiness that your g/f will not nok jai khun. But what will u do if you were in my shoe? My g/f, or rather fiancee said she love me while she already being someone else's g/f. She wants two guys at one time? Will Thai girls do that?

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    from wat i know those with good upbring from their family wil not do that... if i were u i will ask her to choose one... but i will forgive her

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    delawang Guest
    When people become dependent they can do that. Thai, Falang, kohn Chin, man, woman, makes no difference. Khun Falcoe, is it good for you to get hurt like this? ͧΌΌҹ ŤسԴù/ Nong du laa faen taa faen hen gaa tua thao nan. Kao mai dai du laa khun. Pom kit mai dee thao rai./You are looking after your girlfriend but she only looks after herself. She is not looking after you. I don't that that's very good/

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    i was told by many ppl that thai girls are beli faithful .. *sigh* my girlfriend have not call mi for three days... thif friday i think iwill go and find her..

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    Falcoe Guest
    I used to think that Thai girls very faithful too, until I get to see the truth. They are more faithful to money if they are from poor family till they get married to someone else I supposed. I've seen many 'decent' thai girls changing b/f after one another, of coz to a richer ones each time, till they get to settle down. So how to explain this? Or izzit just happen to be those I met? Me so unlucky? Most I find they are really good girls. They work really hard for living.

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