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    I've heard of something like a kind of charity organisation that you can go and visit some westerners in prison because they rarely get any visitors at all, and it's nice for them for a change to have someone to chat with sometimes. don't remember the source of the information, I think I heard two people chatting about this at a guesthouse, whether to go or not, something like that. rumours and my vague memories :-) so that could be a chance if you really want to visit....

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    No I have a proper amount of respect/fear and I do not care to be near one. Though if people are not mature enough to avoid drugs or have not yet out-grown them, they would probably also be impressed by a prison.

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    In retrospect to what has been written here, here is the what Thai law says:

    'Cannabis' here in Thailand is regarded as a 'grade B' narcotic.

    Since the Methamphetamine epidemic has struck Thailand and the rest of Asia the laws governing grade B narcotics have been relaxed.

    Possession of such a drug for personal use is still however a criminal offense and will get you a fine and a suspended jail sentence (if youre lucky).

    Many folks and especially backpackers have asked me over the years to the ins and outs of Thai Law in this regards and i can only say 'If you want to play with the Thai drug law then stay at home' - Stories and Photos about Life in Thailand

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