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Electronic engineer in bangkok
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    Hello my friends,

    I' d like to talk with you about the possibilities of a young foreigner electronic engineer to find job in bangkok.

    waiting for your replies I thank you for your attention.

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    Maybe, and this is just pure speculation, your chances will get better if you study your Master's Degree in a university in Thailand.

    Best of luck.
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    Hello Chai, thank you for your advice. It could be very useful.
    See you soon.


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    tntftw Guest
    Gabriel, as a welder and Canadian residing in Hua Hin with my thai family I have checked into such opportunities with no luck. The only chance I have heard of is finding a large international company to employ your services. One option is to work internationally and base yourself out of Thailand. I have a friend from the UK in your position and this is his practice. Also remember, I have a thai friend who works as an electritian who makes the equivilent of 600 can dollars a month. Good luck

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    Hello tntftw

    thank you for your comment. Your idea is really an option.

    Speaking about work possibilities in Thailand, I read great comments only about teaching english.....
    In the last few weeks I was able to contact via e-mail an italian manager who lives in bangkok and I was able to explain him the problem. He told me that the best possibility is to contact ,directly in our own countries, companies that work in Bangkok.

    He says that it's very difficult to find something right, directly in bangkok. so it's wiser to arrive with a good work.
    I'll work on this possibility,
    good luck to you too ;-)


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