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Decent internet connection
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    Pudgimelon Guest

    Does anyone have any recommendations for getting a decent internet connection in Bangkok?

    My friends are not very tech-literate, so when I ask them questions about cable-modems and DSL, they're eyes kinda glass-over and they give me a blank stare .

    Do all net connections have to go through the phone line? That's what a friend of mine told me, but in America, "DSL" meant "through the phone line" (using the power cable in the phone line to transmit data) and "Cable Modem" meant "through the Cable Television cable". But my friend told me that even "cable modems" go through the phone line. That doesn't make sense to me, is it correct?

    Also, what's a good price for internet? All the plans I've looked at charge an hourly rate. Isn't there something that allows unlimited access for a monthly rate??

    Also, are local phone calls unlimited (time) or are they billed per minute or hour? That would make a big difference in the cost of staying online for extended periods.

    If anyone has advice on getting a good rate on internet connection (and the faster, the better), please let me know.



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    Been waiting 4+ years for an affordable (unlimited) broadband connection in Bangkok ... and still waiting.

    However, Inet Thailand is promoting a new cablemodem solution, that seems to be unlimited; if so, I might be tempted, although the cost is still outrageous: 15,836 Baht/month for 128Kb/1024Kb. (They also offer 128/512 and 64/256, but that isn't exactly broadband anymore, IMO.)


    For modem dialup you've several cheap "unlimited" packages available, but most of them are crap: busy lines, dropped lines, very limited (international) bandwidth.

    If you've a TOT phone, you might try the unlimited packages from KSC, Loxinfo, Inet, or Samart. But beware: they all use the infamous 1222 phone number, that can be a pain in the a** to connect to. And the line is dropped after a couple of hours, making longer uploads/downloads difficult.

    If you've a TA phone, then your options for an unlimited solution are limited to ClickTA or some of the cheap packages with poor international bandwidth (the 1222 number doesn't work in the TA network.)

    After trying I guess all available packages on the market (I've both a TA and TOT line), I'm currently using the Sanook Card from KSC, and WebNet from Loxinfo as a backup. (Can't use any of the unlimited packages because of the dropped line after 4-5 hours.)

    You can get a 100 hour Sanook Card from Panthip Plaza for 350 Baht; gives me a steady ping of 320-350ms night time to my server in Texas.

    All local calls are 3 Baht/call, no time limit, if you've your own direct line.


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