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Farang women in thailand
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    raphaela28 Guest
    I'd love to hear from any Western woman who has worked in Thailand for any length of time.

    I'm considering moving to Bangkok next year (for at least a year, but possibly permanently?) I will probably teach English to start with (surprise!) but may also end up staying and opening a business with a Thai partner.

    I'm British, but have lived in the US for the last 21 years. I'm definitely well-travelled, and can easily take care of myself, am independent and can usually find my way around most places, and easily make friends, so I'm not too worried about having enjoying living there - but just wondered if anyone had any experiences they'd like to share - good and bad - and any recommendations of things to do or not to do job-wise?


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    so happy!

    I've never really worked in Thailand YET, but all I have to say is prepare for the weather if you're going to move to Thailand. Don't get me wrong it's a great place, but sometimes I prefer the U.S.

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    Vali Guest
    Well I am half-Thai and only seventeen years old... But I really look almost entirely caucasian.

    I did go to an international school, and obviously most of my friends (who were Western) were there because their DAD worked there.

    My tidbit is this: I think you should teach at an international school to start with (if you can get the position) maybe for a year, because it will give you a chance to learn Thai and then you can go off and teach English at a Thai school or start a business or whatever!

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    raphaela28 Guest
    Thanks for the replies!

    Vali, I'm actually learning Thai right now. I go to a Thai temple in LA twice a week and learn with a Thai teacher there for 4 hours. Then I also practice on my own, and memorize new words every day. I also have a Thai friend coming over to stay with me for a while, and hopefully he will speak to me in Thai a lot so that I can learn more. I think within a year, I should be relatively fluent as I know that's a HUGE advantage for a Westerner in Thailand.

    From reading stuff online, I'm actually amazed at how many Westerners live in Thailand and barely attempt to learn the language. It would be like living in the States and not speaking English! They must miss so much of the culture because they can't understand what's being said to them.

    I've heard the international schools are good and pay well, but I'm not so sure I'd want to work at one? I'm more the type of person who wants to work with the 'real Thais' - just your average working class people who are wanting to learn English so they can better themselves - which is why I'd rather work at a regular Thai school if I can, and then take on additional private students in the evenings and weekends.

    Thanks for the thought though And I am definitely going to look into the international schools just to check out my options.

    Anna, I lived in Texas for 9 years - the weather in Bangkok seemed quite balmy to me

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    On Bangkokpost there is a collection of stories about the experiences of a Farang woman who stayed 4 years in Bangkok. It seems that she was immersed in the lives of "real Thais" -as you put it- and she writes quite interestingly. If you didn't read it yet, it may be worth a look.

    Kat's Window

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    raphaela28 Guest

    Thanks, yes, I've read those columns. They're fabulous, and I'd highly recommend them for anyone who hasn't read them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (raphaela28 @ Feb. 07 2003,00:47)]I'm considering moving to Bangkok next year (for at least a year, but possibly permanently?) I will probably teach English to start with (surprise!) .......
    Uncommon solution ...

    ... i'm only jealous because i'm italian and I should improve my english not only for teaching ...

    Ok, i'll try to make myself useful. perhaps you exactly know the state of this business but if you want to know something more I recommend you reading this section:

    teaching english in bangkok

    Unfortunately next year I'll become only a "sad"
    electronic engineer and, with my english, probably it should be better for me not to teach ....

    Talk you soon,


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    tntftw Guest
    Raphaela28, dont know if it will help but here is the e-mail address of a professional woman working in BK. She is also from the UK and is a wonderful person and Im sure she would be happy to provide any info. , you may want to mention Todd from Canada/Hua Hin

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    You might also be interested in a view from a Thai girl:

    "This is a live diary written by a Thai girl who would like to tell the world about what she thinks and how she feels with all happened to her, her country or her friends and also what she thinks about Western. You can get interesting point of view from a Thai girl after you have heard a lot about Thai girls from western views."

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    raphaela28 Guest

    Thanks for the info. I e-mailed her and hope she'll respond.

    It's now looking as if I might be moving there at the end of August. I have a friend who is moving there in June, and he and I are planning on sharing an apartment (he's JUST a friend so I'll have somewhere to move into the minute I get there.

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