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Weather in June
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Thread: Weather in June

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    question Weather in June

    Hello dear Thailand lovers,

    Could anyone suggest where to go in June, either to Krabi
    ( Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta etc) or Koh Samui and Samet.
    Wouldn't want to end up with a lot of rain....
    Thank you very much already in advance!

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    mel Guest
    according to the weather reports on phuket website the weather is not too much too handle. I have been trying to find out wexactly what it is like in the krabi province but have not succeeded, the closest I have got is Phuket and they say that even in the rainy season it does not rain all day every day and that it rains for a couple of hours and then dries up. the sun is still shining hard and fast. It also says that none of the tours to Phi Phi are affected. I hope this helps and if you do get a more accurate forecast please let me know

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    tbholt Guest
    Try go north. I lived up north for 2 years, it is not too bad in June.

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    We are travelling to Thailand in 3 weeks!!! I'm excited, yet a little discouraged by the weather forecasts I see on the internet.... every day seems to call for thunderstorms or rain, but then I'm encouraged by the posts telling us that it might rain every day but then it dries up. So, in the end, I'm hoping for some sun, some rain to refresh us and not so much humidity that we can't breathe.

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    mel Guest
    sounds like a good idea debear, where are you planning on going North or South or both..... keep us informed on the weather you find please

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    seppsepp Guest
    I stayed last year during june in Rayong. The temperature is quite high. However the biggest problem is the high humidity during the whole day. The daily rainfalls are not the problem, they last only a short time. In this time you can easily find a shelter. The rest of the day is quite ok expect the humidity.

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    We are going to Japan for 3 days to start our trip and then to Bangkok fo r a couple of nights. We want to head north first with a stop in Sukothai and then Chiang Mai where we'll hang for about a week and do a jungle trek for a few days. Then we'll fly south to Phuket and make our way to Krabi. We heard that Krabi is a much nicer choice than Phuket (Phuket is too toursity?).... then after a week or so we'll take the train back to Bangkok and catch our flight home. Only 2 weeks until we leave!!!!!

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    I'll be going to Bangkok in a couple of days time. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for good weather as well. Really don't mind the rain except on the day I go shopping at Chaktuchat. Heehee.

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    mel Guest
    phuket is a bit touristy Debear. Ton Sai Beach, in krabi province, is an excellent place to stay especially if you like climbing. The rocks/cliffs are out of this world. Even if you don't like climbing it is an excellent base and you can visit loads of local attractions ie/ phi phi island, poada island, hong island, james bond rock, ao phr nang and it is certainly reasonably priced. I'm so jealous.............

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