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Thread: Jail

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    I guess the people who run the prisons aren't Buddhists?

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    Vali Guest
    That or they believe somehow that they are instituting karma?

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    If they are instituting Karma with the believe that what comes around goes around, then wouldn't they be instituted with Karma someday? Puzzling isn't it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]I guess the people who run the prisons aren't Buddhists?
    I guess if the prisons are famed to be miniture hells, then the people running must be hardcore in some sense.
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    jef Guest
    In Bangkok, near Chinatown, is the site of the infamous Bangkok Prison. About three years ago, a new prison was opened south of the city and the old prison was turned into a park. It's nice to have another park in Bangkok, there are so few. It is kind of funny in some ways though because some of the old structures from the prison are still there.

    Here, for instance, is a picture of a fountain with what used to be a guard tower for the prison in the middle of it:

    One of the buildings has a museum which shows historical torture devices no longer used, execution methods and how they have changed over time, things taken from the prisoners, and uniforms used in prisons.

    The man who runs the museum showed me around his collection and explained everything very calmly even when we were taking about very gruesome things - he was very cool hearted as one would say in Thai - and was able to answer my questions about Thai prisons. It is clear that while there still are many problems, Thai prisons have improved a great deal over the years. He seemed sincere when he said that the agency is trying to improve things but it is probably easy to have an optimistic view when you work at a park in Bangkok rather than at Bangkwang.

    The Department of Corrections has a website at with more information.

    I don't care how much they've improved things - I know I don't want to end up in jail.

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