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Looking for an appropriate gift
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    I am visiting a fairly small village in the Maha Sarakhan district next week and would like to take along a small gift to give to the family that I am staying with. Can anyone suggest anything that mght be suitable? I don't want to cause embarrassment by doing something inappropriate, but I would like to show my appreciaton for their hospitality.



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    If you are still in your homecountry then I would suggest some kind of souvenir. Something that will remind them of your visit. Like a model of the statue of liberty if you are American or a tea towel of Buckingham Palace if you are English.

    But, if you are already inside Thailand then I would suggest bringing something along that is practical or that could be used straight away. Maybe a bottle of drink, fruit or some other kinds of snacks. Thai people love eating snacks.
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    try a photo of yourself ( with a white border looks good)and maybe some birds and animals in your own country.
    Maybe some photopostcards from home will be second best.
    And some canned food from home ,especially food unique to your area ,will be very interesting.
    For example marmite from Australia .But the taste might be disliked.Or even an empty milk bottle might be an interesting memento as a contrast to the thai style of packaging and labelling!

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