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Dogs life  in thailand
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    Amazing Thailand? not at all.
    A country with so many streets dogs in a bed helath condition with skin diseases I never saw in any other normal country in the world.
    His majesty the Thai king wrote a book about his beloved dog but what about all the poor dogs in all over thailand streets?
    How take care for them?
    Start to adopt left dogs and take care on them !!!!!!!
    Then your country will be more amazing.
    From: Bangkok Post December 12 , 2001
    By David Swartzentruber

    With the recent arrival of Disney's "102 Dalmatians" in Bangkok, there's been a lot of canine-centered publicity in the media.

    All of this has once again focused my attention on the story and plight of Bangkok's large population of street dogs.

    To the Western visitor, myself included, the dogs do stand out, undoubtedly more noticeable than in comparable Western cities. Of course, you guessed it; I am a dog lover.

    In the western world, stray and unwanted dogs are generally dealt with systematically, under the euphemism, "disposal." However, in the predominantly Buddhist country of Thailand, where it is unacceptable to take life of any kind, there is a tendency to "live and let live."

    So along the sois and major roads of this great city you'll see dogs everywhere. When they sleep on the sidewalk, people generally walk around them, even at crowded bus stops. Such is the respect for other creatures that you'll find among Thai people.

    A stray dog is often adopted by a merchant or street food vendors and ends up taking residence in that part of the neighborhood. I know several of these types where I live, especially the renowned "Dickie."

    To put some perspective on Bangkok's canine inhabitants, veterinarian Chuchart Saichua, director of the Veterinary Public Health Division, says Bangkok has about 544,000 dogs. Of this number, 96,300 are strays.

    To its credit, the city administration started a program of puppy adoption in 1999. Puppies are rounded up and taken to the city's pet control center, neutered and vaccinated for rabies and then placed for adoption. The puppies are chosen for their good behavior and good health.

    There is no charge for the puppies and the city provides three, six and twelve month checkups.

    Still many of the adult dogs you see in Bangkok are obviously diseased and do not enhance the environment.

    So they struggle through life melting into the tapestry of one of the world's great cities.

    Growing up in a western city, however, it's likely these canines would be "disposed" of at a young age. Left to live their lives in the largely Buddhist city of Bangkok, they survive, persisting against the enemies of hunger and disease, aided by, if not a loving, a generally tolerant and gentle society.

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    sorry for the dogs but sorry for Thai poor people too.
    Almost all rich Thai do not have good heart for poor Thai peopel they do not have nothing in haert for poor dogs too.
    They not want open hand for any kind of help.
    Corruption every where in Thai life no money left for poor people and street dogs they are still in the same level.

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