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Want to make friend with thai youngers
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    In Vietnam, Budishm is popular but depending to yourself. I have heard that in Thailand , boy-become-men only after a time of being monk , this is an obligation. Does it true ?All Thai persons are member of local pagoda and the leader of region should be the one who supported by the Buddish Party ? If not, you cant get a higher position in your life or work ?
    And a bit of curious : How the Thai people feel about Vietnamese ? VN had taken over Cambodge a few years ago and menaced Thailand by a war . We had more than 1 millions solders at that times and maybe a war was the best solution to solve the problem for 1 millions who had nothing to do /LOL/ The war did not occur but Vn news inform that Thai people hates Vietnamese so much , so VN people should not be around the border or area near Thai or Cambodge, that we must to be ready for a battle against to Thailand and USA. Now is 2003 , and we , the younger Vietnamese wander that what is staying in Thai young people' mind about VN and Vietnamese :hate, ignore or fear ? There are a lot of Vienamese had been in Thailand for a while in business or travel, and I havent heard any bad reputation from them about Thai's behavior. So tell me , what is your idea about Vietnamese people ? Thai is hospital with the world, I know.

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    so happy!

    Hi! I am thai. i had a vienamese friend and he is very cool and nice.i think it depends on how people are. Some people are nice and good and some are bad. you can only judge it by their personality. So if you're a good person I think you are good and if bad I don't think you are so good. But no one can be very bad can they?

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    Gor Gai

    Dear Dinh,

    I am not thai and have not met any vietnamese friends. But from where i come from, there's a strong belief that vietnamese

    No.1 - girls are very beautiful

    No.2 - very vicious people

    i guess the item No.2 is based on the vietnamese population in Australia.

    I hope you take my comments with an open mind . Maybe you can help clarify?
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