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Farang working as electrical engineer
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    torsten Guest
    Hi! In about 2 years I will have finished my studies in
    electrical engineering. Who has any experiences how
    is the situation for a farang to find a job as an engineer
    in Thailand? If I don´t find a job as an engineer I can
    imagine to work as a language teacher for german or/and
    english in thailand, does anyone know something about
    how the chances are to find a work as a language teacher?

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    delawang Guest


    Torsten, I am really sorry to tell you it is illegal for a company to hire a foreign EE in Thailand unless they can prove he has some kind of special skill. Maybe you can get a job teaching engineering or math in German or English. The problem is that Thailand has many qualified engineers. The only thing they need from the outside is a specialist in some areas, and language teachers.

    I do not know any German teachers in Thailand, but I know English teachers with a background similar to yours who are making 30,000 THB/month.

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    torsten Guest
    getting a job for teaching engineering in english would be
    fantastic! do they use english in the engineering courses at university in thailand? and for giving english courses, is
    it even possible for non native speakers?

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    I think there is a program for teaching english as a foreign language in thailand..visit this website :

    i hope it helps...i also wanted to work in Bangkok, but am thinking of some options..maybe this one would be a stepping stone..
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    torsten Guest
    Yes, it helps. Thank´s!
    Does anyone know which language they use in engineering
    courses at University in Bangkok? If it is Thai, I can forget
    teaching it immediately.

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    Reflex Guest


    ive heard recently from some thai friends its also good to get a masters degree before you go out there. This combined with being bilingual will almost guaruntee you a good job. He reckoned 9000bht a day i reckoned a little less.

    For a university I think they teach in both english and thai. In that way I think you may find it harder because they will be swapping between languages depending on the subject. Don't hold me to this tho ill have to phone my m8 to check.

    Im postponing my move to Thailand atm to see how the SARS situation goes.

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