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Hill tribe trekking for a male and a female
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    How safe is it to trek for a foreign couple?

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    I guess you are not planning to go alone and will sign up with a trekking company? You shouldn't experience any problems. This is a very popular activity these days and thousands go every week. The challenge is to find a trekking company that will guarantee that you will see no other foreigners!
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    No we are planning to go alone, so is that unsafe?

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    It would be more interesting but is it far too dangerous because of the possiblility of a robbery etc?
    The 2 people would be a male and a female.

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    Gor Gai

    The answer to your question "is it safe?" is a bit difficult to answer. If you take the usual precautions then you will experience no problems. But, it sounds like you are planning to head out into the mountains on your own without a guide. That is not advisable. That is like me going for a stroll in the outback with only a bottole of water. My advice is, go on an organized trek, you will see more and have a better and safer experience.

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    i agreed with sawatdee,it better to find trekking company unless you are a seasoned trekker to hill tribe trekking in chiang save more time and language barrier(unless you speak hill tribe lang)the only thing is that you spend a bit more money if you want to custom your trekking trip example where you want to trek,by what transport(on foot,rafting,elephant riding,4 wheel drive,motorbike,mountain bike,etc).checkout some of this site,,,

    good luck

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    So are there only problems of food and water etc and not a problem of robbery etc?

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    No, trekking on your own is potentially dangerous if you head into the wrong areas, and you've no real way of knowing where they are. If you trek from Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai area, you could accidentally wander into poppy fields, get caught up in the struggle between the Karen and the Burmese, just get randomly mugged or whatever else.

    An Australian was shot and killed and his girlfriend stabbed in 2000 when they did a similar unaccompanied trekking trip in the Chiang Mai region, this has information about it- . It says the area is "known as a lawless region harboring several armed groups, many of them financed by heroin or amphetamine dealing". Almost all embassies warn against doing trips like this and insurance probably won't cover you for it either. Thailand is generally very safe but going trekking not in an organised group is just about one of the least safe things you can do there IMO.

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    Lonely Planet suggests if trekking by self ,then one should travel with at least two people and get maps from nearby guest houses and go to the tribal museum at Chiang Mai.

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    I think it really depends on what village you're going to. I'm from a hill tribe in Thailand called Lahu. This past summer I went back to Thailand for a visit. I spent close to a month in the Chiangmai, Chiangrai area, and I felt pretty safe. Although, I have heard of some villages that are not as safe as the ones I visited. I also did see some foreigners wondering around in that area by themselves: although, I don't know how familiar they are with the area. I think it's a good idea to go with more than two people if it's your 1st or 2nd time going back. GOing with a tour group would be better because you could very easily get lost around there. And trust me the pay phones do not work.

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