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Thai humour
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Thread: Thai humour

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    nicodraxus Guest
    Hey all. I'm curious what you think about Thai humour. I mean I think that Canadian humour, American humour and British humour are all very different. And I know that Japanese humour is quite a different thing again.

    If I had to describe Canadian humour, I'd say that it isn't so different from America, but that Canadians have a kind of absurdist streak that makes them like things like "The Kids in the Hall" and "The Red Green Show". What's funny in Thailand?

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    nicodraxus Guest
    What? No Thai jokes?

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    Reflex Guest
    i find alot of the humour quite prejudiced out there. Jokes about race (esp farangs) and sexuality were common place. They like slap stick and impersonations afaik. Its very stereotypical humour, the village didnt seem to understand my sarcasm and satire but that may just be the locals.

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    delawang Guest
    Nico, I am not skilled enough in humor to distinguish it based nationality. All i know is Australians are always funny :-) The humor in which I participate in Thailand is at the same level as my language. Much would not be appropriate for the "PG" audience at this site, but here is one that will probably make it past the censors:

    ปลาอะไร ย่างไม่ได้/ba arai yang mai dai/what kind of fish can't be barbecued?
    Ans: ปลาท่อง/ba tong/gold fish

    ok na, you asked!

    Jokes and conversations about race and sexuality are not off limits in Thailand as they are in the west. There is not much "political correctness" in Thailand. Also, sarcasm in English often relies on intonation; that is why it doesn't do well in email. The Thai language uses tone in a different way, so if an English speaker tried to be sarcastic in Thai it would just come across as a bunch of mispronunciations. No one would understand.

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    nicodraxus Guest
    Yeah, sarcasm seems to be a pretty western thing. The Japanese are never sarcastic either. But the Chinese are sometimes. So there goes that statement!

    So are pun jokes the norm? In Japan that's all that there is. All of their jokes are puns or plays on words. Long, funny story jokes (ie, Two guys walk into a bar...) just don't work at all, and again it's odd because I get translated Chinese jokes sent to me sometimes, and they are exactly like English ones. And even if you translate them into perfect Japanese, a Japanese person will just kind of look at you like, "And this is funny to you?"

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    milkboy Guest
    Yeah, not a lot of sarcasm in Thailand that I've noticed. A lot of the humor seems to be quips and one liners whipped out durring all the chatting everyone does. My boss had a pretty good one the other day. When I asked her to borrow the key so I could use her motorcycle, she said I didn't need it.
    She said (in Thai), "she's an old whore: you can stick anything in her."

    This of course follows the themes I forgot who mentioned earlier, sexual humor straight from the gutter - but come on, what group of people on earth doesn't like a good sex joke?

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    Thais think that kratoey (sp?) are really funny. They are the 'clowns' sorta in sitcoms. Extremely feminine men grabbing at eachother. It's kinda weird at first to see, because it comes off like they are making fun of homosexuals. I got flashed once on a sorng tao (back of a pickup taxi), and it obviously was NOT a pretty thai woman in a dress!!!

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    emma Guest


    After a year and half of eating lunch (and often dinner) with my colleagues at least 5 times a week, they STILL find it funny each mealtime to try and persuade me (a vegetarian) to eat pork or chicken!!! Sigh...

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    sheba Guest
    Watch some of the commercials on tv in Thailand, there is one for the sports drink M150 involving the devil out of work that is hysterically funny--Thai tv ads win numerous awards for their offbeat humor. I think the humor in Thailand depends on the person you are dealing with, as everywhere, everyone finds slapstick funny, but alot of people also enjoy punning etc. So, is there a thai sense of humor? I'd be hard pressed to say there is one humor specific to everyone.

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    Yes! Sometime back a Thai TV ad was circulating in my office. It was really very funny but I am unable to remember them right now. Its about the utility department in Thailand asking people to remember to pay their bills on time - water, phone etc.

    Maybe someone else remembers the sequence, it was funny... yes.
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