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I bought a mini laptop for using in thailand!!
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    I bought a mini laptop for using in thailand!!

    i was so happy i bought a new mini laptop ( travellermate ) to thailand...cos i can use it to chat with my friends in thailand n my some money in calling home...lolx ...cos i going to haiyai this oct n i selected a hotel called new season hotel...i go n see on net of the seem like not bad so i choose it...cos get internet connection in this really very ...waiting for the days to come ...but the way this trip i going down is to nakorn si to visit temples...cos im a amulet collector so i have to go n see ...lolx...

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    Re: I bought a mini laptop for using in thailand!!

    Out of interest, how are you planning on connecting to the Internet with your laptop? Do you have an "air card" or maybe you can plug your mobile phone into your laptop as a modem? I think you will find only the top end hotels have wireless networks and those won't always be free - in fact a lot more expensive than the local internet cafe.

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