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Chumphon hotels
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Thread: Chumphon hotels

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    Can anyone recommend an hotel in Chunphon or somewhere else nearby. Needs to be on mainland not on an island.
    We have been trying for several days now to make a reservation at Chumphon Cabana but the hotel does not respond to our reservation / followup emails.
    Should we phone them ?

    In Feb 2004 We will be driving from Bangkok down southern Thailand to Malaysia. Chumphon seems to be a good distance for a days easy driving (easy as we will want to do some sightseeing on the way) as we are staying in Hua Hin before and Khao Lak afterwards.


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    Rather than phoning, Joybob, you might try booking through if you are really set on staying at the Cabana Resort. I've had no problems with this online agency. On their site you can also read the Travel Reviews of others who have used this service.

    Good luck.

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    When we drove from Bangkok to Phuket we made our first night stop at Chumpon. We stayed in a guesthouse on the way down and a hotel on the way back. Neither of them we booked in advance. We just drove around, saw a place that had off-street parking for the car and went in to take a look! No problem really. For the whole trip, we never once booked a hotel in advance and we didn't have any problems.

    Let us know how your road trip goes. We would be very interested to read a report.

    Chumphon Hotels

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    Thanks very much for the helpful replies.
    Have at last heard from the hotel - who had not received the booking
    Just now waiting for Monday to start in Thailand and hopefully we will get confirmation of the booking. Have to get up early in the morning in the UK to catch the Thai working day because of the big time difference !

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