Stall owners up in arms as city orders them out
Saksit Meesubkwang

A group of 800 stall owners who sell their wares to tourists at Tha Pae Gate and the “Sunday Walking Street” are incensed by the Municipality’s decision to have them ordered out of the area while renovation projects take place.
The city government issued an order which took effect July 23 ordering all sellers to suspend their activities as city workers will begin repaving streets, install street lamps and build barriers.
The incensed stall owners have petitioned the Governor pleading that they will lose their only source of income during the renovations. They have also asked the Governor to provide them an alternate area in the city where tourists can have access to their goods while works are made to beautify the Tha Pae and Walking Street areas.
Apparently the stall owners were taken by surprise as Tasanay Saechue, Chairman of the Tha Pae Traders Club, said they had no advance notice about having to suspend their activities.
Saechue added that more than 1000 families will be affected as they depend on tourists who purchase their products. He wants the city government to put the renovation projects on hold until viable options can be provided to the traders who will be put out of work.
The city did not state how long the renovations would take or when the stall owners would be able to return to the area.

Chiangmai Mail