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Booking trains
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Thread: Booking trains

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    odelinded Guest
    I put this into the chat section by repeating here;

    I will be in thailand dec. -January. How far in advance must train tickets (2nd class, sleeping berth) be ordered? If I order 2 days in advance - e.g to ko samui or changmai,,,,will tickets be available, or do i have to order farther in advance?

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    anhnguyen Guest
    Train tickets can be booked from 1 day up to 60 days in advance at the Advanced Booking Ticket office in Hua Lam Pong main station or at any other stations. It's on a first come first serve basis.

    Have a nice trip.

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    Thamara Guest
    I will go to Thailand on the 28 of january and will arrive the next day in Bangkok. Then I'll have to go to Hat Yai and I want to do that by sleeping train. It would be the most handy for me if I could leave the same day with the sleeping train so that I will arrive the 30 of january in Hat Yai.
    I am from Holland and read that it's not possible to book a train in adventage from abroad (Is that true?).
    But I also read that it may be very difficult to book a train out of Bangkok by the station there when you want to leave the same day.

    Can anybody tell me if the time i'm arriving is a difficult time to book a ticket? And if it's to be expected that I will have to wait a day or more before I can go to Hat Yai by the sleeping train? (I have to arrive in Hat Yai before 2 february).

    Thanks already for the answer.

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    You should book in advance this time of year. It's busy now! below is a link to a site to book your tickets online. You're going to have the time of your life! Trains in Thailand are so much fun. Get 2nd class sleeper, and you can go to the dining car and eat and drink and meet new friends and then when they close the diner down at 10 PM, your seat will have been turned down into a sleeping berth, and then when you wake up, you'll be almost there. Sanook mak mak!

    Train tickets

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    Thamara Guest
    Khorb khun ka!!
    I only had a dead link... this one works!!

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    kkdreamer Guest
    The direct link to the State Railways of Thailand site seems to be out of action at the moment

    This actually has a feature whch showed how many seats / berths etc were available on each train, 60 days in advance, allowing you to see whether you were going to be able to get on or not.

    I am actually arriving in Bangkok on Saturday morning and want to catch the "Sprinter" up to Den Chai and its going to be pot luck now as I dont know whether I can get on or not. Hopefully that site will come back up soon. Also the prices on the Thaifocus site seemed to be about double what you pay if buying at the station.

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    Thamara Guest
    So, if Thaifocus charges the double prices, isn't there an other booking organisation wich is cheaper? And also available online? Otherwise I'm not gonna take the risk and book on the link elephantspike gave me.

    And the link mentioned by kkdreamer is the same dead link I had. It's been dead for more than two months now. I don't think it's gonna work in a very short time.

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    kkdreamer Guest
    Try this link.

    They at least concede that they are charging you a fee of 200 baht for doing all the work and that seems a pretty fair fee to me. Their price on the Sprinter to Chiang Mai is 691 baht, and from memory to buy at the station price was 490 odd, whereas Thai Focus's price works out at at around 1470 baht, allowing for an exchange rate of 40. Thats some mark up.


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