Counterfeit bills found in Chiang Mai

A shop owner on the Sunday walking street got taken last week when a crooked customer paid for their 2000 baht worth of merchandise with fake 500 baht notes.
The bogus 500 baht bills had apparently been printed on regular paper but lacked some of the characteristics of the legal tender such as the silver hologram with the Royal initial emblem “Phor Por Ror” of H.M. the King and the numbers “500” which can be seen in different reflecting colors and in various dimensions when viewed at different angles as the note is flipped back and forth.
Another safety feature used when printing the 500 baht notes are the Arabic numerals indicating the denomination “500” printed in optically variable intaglio ink that change from green into violet when the lower edge of the note is flipped.
The shop owner contacted the police and it was then revealed that in addition to the fake 500 baht notes in circulation, bogus 20 baht notes have been found.
Mr. Oab-au Kruthanooch, Senior Director of the Bank of Thailand confirmed the circulation of bogus notes and urged merchants to contact police.
ChiangMai Mail Reporters