hi all,

will be going bangkok nxt mth. did a search & the latest one
related to nitendo DS lite was http://www.thailandqa.com/forum/show...light=nintendo

dated nov 2006 last year.

accordn to richard, he recommends siam sq area but there's
plenty shops there & it's not exactly small either

naksuthip recommends yaohan as panthip plaza isn't good as
it used to be after being cracked down for illegal software.

so which place for best bargain & sales service? I'm more
concerned with the sales guy just trying to make a quick buck
since i'm a tourist & won't be back to hassle him if anything goes wrong.

few questions which i din manage to find

1) how much does a nitendo DS lite costs in thai currency now?
2) issit local (as in thailand) or export set cause i worry for the export
set it may not have the adequate adapter for charging?
3) what does the standard set come with & how's warranty
going to be covered since i'm a tourist?
4) do i've to take note of anything esp when leaving the airport
relating to this set?
5) correct me if i'm wrong but the DS lite dun have any region code
thingy rite, so means if i buy the machine from thailand & get my
games back home it's still going to work rite?
6) someone mentioned pirated games so means i'll have to modify
the DS lite? how much would that cost me?

many thanks, hope to hear from u all soon