Heavy flooding hits villages in Chiang Rai

Hundreds of people were evacuated to higher lands after flash floods hit villages in Chiang Rai's Mae Chan district on Wednesday morning.

Local schools in Chan Chawa municipality suspended their classes.

The flood hit the areas at about 7.30am after consecutive days of heavy rains which increased water levels in many small rivers in the areas.

At the press time, water level reached 90 centimetres and expected to rise more in the afternoon as there are still rains in the area.

Chan Chawa Mayor Banjong Yangyuen said that water level in Kam river is rising so he decided to order evacuation of people.

"As of now, about 260 houses and 500 rai of lands were under water. Hundreds of people are affected from the flood. Many cattles were washed away," the mayor said.

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