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Tourist jailed after fabricating thai gang rape cl
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    Tourist jailed after fabricating Thai gang rape claim

    ABC NEWS Online, 24 June 2003

    A Hong Kong tourist has been sentenced to 18 months in jail by a Thai court, after confessing to fabricating a claim she was gang raped in Bangkok earlier this month.

    So Leong-Ying, 27, claimed she was raped by the driver of a "tuk-tuk" three-wheeled taxi and three other men outside parliament on June 3.

    A Thai tuk-tuk driver was arrested but freed after police found no proof of her claim.

    The woman later admitted inventing the incident, saying she had been drunk and hoped to write a novel based on her story of being attacked.

    Leong-Ying was charged on three counts: filing a false complaint with police, defamation of the tuk-tuk driver and falsely testifying in court.

    "The court initially convicted her on all three charges to three years in prison, but as she confessed the court halved her sentence to one year and six months," an official said.

    The convicted woman has 30 days to file an appeal with the Court of Appeals.

    Leong-Ying may also face civil charges from Thai police, who have threatened to sue her for 10 million baht ($US241,000) on the grounds that her hoax story severely tarnished their image.

    Tourism Minister Sonthaya Khunploem has also threatened to sue her for the damage he claims she has wreaked on Thailand's tourism image.

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    This should serve as a stern warning to girls who like using claims of rape as a threat to guys...totally uncool.

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    My friend used to be married and his wife claimed she was raped by my friends employee, My friend did not beleive his wife was raped and said she was just looking for attention from her husban, she lied saying she reported the rape to police, but she could not substanciate the claim, It was proven by my friend the rape was competly fabricated.
    It is very common for woman to lie about rape, and many are looking for sympathy and attention from other people, they enjoy people filling sory for them. Because so many woman lie about rape it is very hard for any woman to prove they were raped as all juries are informed of how woman lie about rape.
    I feel very sorry for men who are falsely accused of rape as some times the mud sticks to innocent men.

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