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Don't know where to stay in Phuket and Bangkok
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    Don't know where to stay in Phuket and Bangkok

    I am arriving in Phuket in Jan and then to Bangkok, does anyone know what are the best hotels to stay in that are full on young people and are lots of fun.
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    Ricky Guest
    Heya Laura...Umm, full of young people means back-packers as a rule and a dingy dormitory for 59 bahts a night. I think after one night you might prefer a better hotel!
    Just head for the Khao San road. It's full of hotels. A really good room at the Warraburi is about 500 bahts with breakfast. There are simply dozens to choose from, but air conditioning is a 'must'!
    Just 'hang around' Khao San Road and you will meet thousands of young travellers.
    Have a great time.........Ricky

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    This is laura. Thankyou for your reply, is it better to book the hotels from Australia or will it be cheaper to book them when I get there?

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    Ricky Guest
    Heya Laura...I didn't book anything before leaving France, and it worked out well. There are always hotel rooms available. Don't worry about phones or internet either..there are hundreds; and so cheap to phone..15 baht a minute to France!
    If you use a travel agent to book a trip somewhere..try ORM on the Khao San road. I went to the river Kwai bridge..minibus, train, war cemetary, dinner..all for 450 baht! I lost my wallet and credit cards leaving the van! ORM contacted the driver who found it, then drove back to the agents with it for me!! That was quite a bit of luck, but also shows there are a lot of very honest people around :)
    Bangkok rates as one of my favourite places on Earth now. I'll be back one day for certain. finds me Laura. Anytime :)

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