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Philippine president craves smelly thai fruit
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    Philippine president craves smelly Thai fruit
    Sun 19 October, 2003 11:13 BST

    BANGKOK (Reuters)- Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will take advantage of a Pacific Rim summit in Bangkok to satisfy her craving for Thailand's stinkiest fruit -- the durian.

    "She was raised in a place in Mindanao where they grow durian," presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye told Reuters referring to the spiky-shelled, pungent fruit that grows not only in Mindanao in the southern Philippines but in much of southeast Asia.

    "In Manila, she likes Philippine durians, but when in Thailand, she prefers the locals," he said.

    In May last year, Thailand used the fruit known as the "skunk of the orchards" to cement relations with Arroyo.

    Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra threw a special "durian buffet" for her, offering an array of delicacies that included three types of Thai durian, durian-stuffed moon cakes and durian ice cream.

    Because of its powerful aroma -- some people say it smells like rotting fruit in a blocked drain -- eating durian is banned from hotels, public places and on buses, trains and planes across southeast Asia.

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    I know many people, especially Westerners find durians highly revolting, but I assure you that it is the most majestic fruit in the world with the most heavenly taste. There is nothing that can replicate the feeling of ingesting a fresh, ripe, high-grade durian. I love the smell too. It's perfume to my senses. You must try it.

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    I agree&#33;&#33;&#33; <span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>ผนทุเรียนอร่อยมาก</span>
    I never tasted the durian until I was in Thailand.
    I heard about the negative of it;but I wanted to taste it. I think, if you wait until any fruit rots you would feel revolted.

    So if you have the opportunity don&#39;t miss out&#33;

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