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Teen gives game show winnings to thai orphanage
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    Teen gives game show winnings to Thai orphanage

    Singapore Straits Times, Dec 17 2003

    BANGKOK - A student from Oxford University in England has given the £16,000 (S$47,700) she won on the British version of popular game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to a Thai orphanage for disabled children.

    'I thought about keeping £2,000 to buy a laptop computer and some really good speakers,' 19-year-old Lydia Nash said.

    'I also thought about keeping £50 for a new coat, but I felt I hadn't earned the money. As it was a gift from God, I felt I ought to give it away.'

    Ms Nash had spent six months as a volunteer at the Christian Care Foundation for Disabled Children at Pak Kret, Nonthaburi province, before continuing with her university studies.

    She said she had found it hard to leave the orphanage and, knowing it was in dire need of funds, decided to give it an early Christmas present.

    Ms Nash's kindness will help the orphanage build a 'Rainbow Room' for the kids.

    The teenager's generosity has made her a university celebrity but she said some students could not believe she had not kept the money.

    'Lots of people told me I was mad. It was usually the richer ones who said that I should save the money as a deposit on a house or to buy a car,' she said.

    'But I knew how much further the money would go in Thailand and that I didn't really need any of those things.'

    Ms Nash returned to Thailand this month with a film crew from Sky Television to make a 30-minute documentary about the orphanage.

    While in Bangkok, she met British Ambassador to Thailand David Fall, who praised her selfless act.

    'I think Lydia's generosity is a great example of the Christmas spirit: it's always better to give than to receive.' -- The Nation/Asia News Network

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