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Looking back
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Thread: Looking back

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    Looking back

    We all remember 9/11 as a date in history and for most it does not seem too long ago. I was shopping for a new hard drive and was (as usual) just shocked at how computer parts plummet in pricing so fast. Joking in chat with a few guys how my parents bought me a 4mhz Tandy computer that was blazing fast because it's 64k (not 64mb) of RAM for $5000 USD. I am forever grateful that they seen that computers were the future way back when, even if they have yet to learn how to save a file to their desktop.

    So I see a hard drive for $150 give or take a few and it was 750GB I thought I would look back not too far to the date near 9/11 and see what I used to pay for. These images are funny now to me. Over 10x the storage for less than half the price in only a few short years.
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    Re: Looking back

    Relativly new tecknology has a habbit of beating inflation, more so in electronics. What's going to happen 100 years from now when inflation catches up to technology, mabe a good home computer will cost US$10,000 or just a days pay, with advancements that can only be dreamed of.

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    Re: Looking back

    My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 with 16k of memory that was a module that plugged in the back. Programs were stored on audio cassettes and the monitor was our tv. Back in 1983 (25 years ago!!!) it cost the equivalent of about US$250.

    Tomorrow I will have delivered a new (factory refurnished) 14.1" widescreen laptop with 512MB memory, 60GB disk drive and a dual-layer DVD writer. This cost me less than US$500. Come 'payday' I will upgrade the memory to 2GB for about US$60.

    Compare this to the huge cost of those 'primitive' computers used by NASA back in the 60s and 70s to send man to the moon...

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    Re: Looking back

    On topic a little bit, there was a deal today at Circuitcity for an external Seagate FreeAgent drive 750GB for $111.96. Some people used a $40 off $200 to buy 2 of them.

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    Re: Looking back

    If only I would have waited :( I ended up buying 2 500's for $120 each. :(

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