Bird Thongchai’s latest album is called Simply Bird, and as the title suggests, he’s gone back to a simpler style of easy-listening pop. It’s a definite change from the more dance-oriented records he’s put out in recent years.

You’ve probably already heard the first single, “Chouy Rab Tee (Pick up the Phone, Please),” which has become a big hit. “Nam Ta (Tear)” has a nice melody and brings some rap and R&B flavours into the mix, while “Loke Bai Prod (Favourite World)” has a jazzy, soulful vibe. Another highlight is “Mee Tae Kid Tung (Thinking About You),” a classy pop tune composed by Nitipong Hornak.

Simply Bird is an easy-going blend of R&B, hip-hop and pop. Thai listeners will already know about Bird’s outstanding voice and melodies, so fans should be able to appreciate this welcome return to his trademark style. — VH

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