Public split on trust in Samak - survey

The public confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej is evenly split as roughly an equal number of people gave him a thumbup, thumbdown and had no opinion, Abac Poll said on Thursday.

The opinion survey started on January 20 before Samak's appointment. The 10day poll covered 3,506 respondents from 27 provinces.

Top ten attributes the people want in Cabinet members are honesty (82 per cent), competance (71 per cent), quick action (69 per cent), decisiveness (64 per cent), responsible (61 per cent), altruism (59 per cent), sincerity (52 per cent), not a bully (45 per cent), remaining in touch with the people (44.8 per cent) and tolerance (44.2 per cent).

The respondents urge Samak and his ministers to emulate on top ten attributes of two of Samak's predecessors, Thaksin Shinawatra and Surayud Chulanont.

Thaksin's legacy includes decisiveness and quick action, drug suppression, solving economic problems, good management, providing scholarships and staying in touch with the people.

Surayud's legacy includes honesty, cautious and in control, kindness, preseverance, capable and decisive, royalist and fairness.

Respondents who voted for the coalition and those rooting for the opposition have different expectations.

On the scale of oneto10, those for the coalition rated 5.15 for the economy to improve while the opposition gave 3.96.

Asked if the government would last a full term, the rating was 4.7 to 3.06.

On the tackling of the southern insurgency, the rating was 5.16 to 2.48.

On the safety in life and property, the rating was close at 3.58 to 3.36.

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