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My mum says "are you thai or british?
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    so happy!

    Hi! My name is Kanya Wallace and I was born in Bangkok in the year 1986. I'm 15 years old coming onto 16 years. I now live in Scotland, UK and I moved here since I was 8/9 years old. I go to a secondary school called Kincorth Academy and I'm a 4th year student studying my Standard Grades. This is my last year at studying Standard Grades and my exams are in May. In this school, you can have the choice of leaving at the end of your 4th year exam but only if you are born before 30th of September. Otherwise you must stay on in school but you can leave at Christmas if you wish. Or you can stay on in school until 5th year where you can choose your own subjects where you will be studying in one the following levels; Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 or Higher. Once you've finish 5th year you can choose to leave or study until your last year, which is Advance Higher. (It's quite complicated and trust me, it takes quite a while for me to understand these rules&#33 Right now, I'm studying Maths, English, French, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Computing and Music and everyone has got on choice but to do P.E as well and this adds on 2 periods of your time table(which is gym where you play sports). In my spare time, I play violin, tennis and the sport I love which is basketball.

    Even though I'm Thai, my friends keep saying to me that they think I'm no longer Thai, I'm British!! It's because I haven't live there for so long, I forgot my Thai writing and reading, but I can still read Thai a little bit. My Thai speaking has also been poor. My mum even gives me trouble and says that "Are you Thai or British? Are you gonna speak English to your relatives when we go over to visit them?!" I've been trying to learning Thai again but I find it really hard. I'm going over to Thailand in June for 6 weeks & I'm really looking forward to it. I usually go back to Thailand every 3 years. To see all my friends again. And that's another problem, I can't even remember some of their names!!

    When I first moved to Scotland I was quite scared. Scared of leaving my families behind, wonder what Scotland was like and also I could not speak English at first. I attended a special school for Foreign people and I was able to speak English within 6 months. Now I have many friends and we're planning to take a year off after 6th year. Hopfully, I will live in Thailand for a year during my year off and also I'm planning to take my friends with me where they will stay in Thailand with me for a couple of months. They all said that Thailand is a beautiful country and the weather is very hot! That's it for me.

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    Never stop feeing you are Thai. You are Thai because you have Thai family. If I were you I would say "I am Thai too, and allways be".
    Do not give up with the language and try to stay in touch with your relatives in Thailand if you can. Phone up to the one you are more close too. Try to speak Thai to them. To improve my Thai language I phone to my closest Thai relatives. They can speak only Thai. It is difficult but we can still understand.
    When they realise I study and learn they are very happy and me too.
    My family is half Thai, I can read, write little. I speak a bit too. I study every day. At the beginnig is difficult, but if you have relatives like mine they will help you a lot and you will get back your Thai language.
    I live in Britain, but I feel only Thai and Italian, because my family is made of Thai and Italians. I love my family and the two cultures. I am proud and feel lucky to have family like that.
    To improve Thai I listen a lot of Thai songs and enjoy karaoke.
    I get films that have Thai language and English, so I can watch it in both languages. If you get films from Thailand you will have Thai subtitles and that really help. I wached Finding Nemo millions of times in English, Thai and Italian.
    It helpd me a lot with Thai.
    It is hard but you will definitely get there!


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    Almost 4 years until getting a reply from a post, that must be a record.

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    takes some a long time to get their fingers loosened up.

    Or maybe her ISP is in Thailand and just slow...

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