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Celebrating thai festivals in the usa
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    I have an adopted child from China as well as one from Thailand. We always make a big deal out of the Lunar New Year with my Chinese daughter, who is 5. Now that Nuthamon, my Thai daughter, has turned 3, we want to do some Thai things with her, such as playing with water at Songkran time and making krathongs in November. Our krathongs this year were very plain and certainly not up to Thai decorative standards! We were at a cottage where the owners are very concerned about their wild birds, so we just used rice cakes to make the krathong boats, and let each child put a candle on the boat and light it and float it on the pond. We thought the birds would enjoy eating the rice cakes after we were finished. I got this idea from another adoptive parent.

    We talked about Thailand and about thanking the water spirits and also about letting go of your bad feelings and thoughts as the boat floats away, and making good wishes for the next year. All the 8 little children staying at the cottage seemed to enjoy it and I could tell that Nuthamon (who we call "Meg") was very proud of her birth country.

    We have designs for more fancy krathongs made with tissue paper, styrofoam, flowers, incense, candles and so on. As the children get older we will try to make some prettier ones.

    My Chinese daughter and I attend Chinese language school every Saturday. This school has classes for very young children, but the local wats do not have Thai classes for children less than about 5 years old, so we will have to wait a few years for Meg to be able to go. At least we are fortunate to live in a large city where there are active Thai wats. We have had a few Thai babysitters but they have all moved back to Thailand. We are looking for another Thai babysitter to come and play with Meg and speak Thai to her several times a week so she gets used to the sounds and tones of the language. We have several Thai number and alphabet books and videotapes and both of the children enjoy them. We also have some tapes of children's songs in Thai, as well as classical music. And I enjoy cooking both Chinese and Thai food -- though I'm sorry to say that both of my children seem to prefer macaroni and cheese and hot dogs! (I hope their tastes will improve because I'm not going to stop making panang neua or pad see yoo wan -- even if my 'farang-style' cooking is not nearly as spicy as the real Thai versions.)

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    Hi Julie

    You are doing wonderful things for your girls. It is lovely to read that you are allowing them access to an important part of their identity. (If that is the correct word to use).
    Keep up the amazing lifestyle you are bringing your girls up in.

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    GTG Guest
    Hi Julie,

    You are a very dedicated mom. Both girls are very lucky in deed. You are out of your way to provide the best you can to them.

    I am sure with all the language schools you will be able to speak two more languages. Good for you.

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    I have been looking for 2 days on the internet for a Songkran festival in my area. I am about 60 miles from Los Angeles and I know that I can go there to a festival at Wat Thai. My children are Thai-American and I am trying to learn Thai myself and gain as much knowledge as I can about Thai culture, so I can help pass it along to them even after their Ya is gone. What you have done is amazing.

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    Vali Guest
    It's so great that you are keeping your adopted children in touch with the culture of their native lands!

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    delawang Guest
    Yes, we could start a Julie fan club! It is nice to see there are really people like you in the world.

    Many of us go back and forth from the US to Thailand often. If there is ever anything we can do for you just write.


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    You are very great Mom.And you doing very wonderful things for your girls.I from Thailand and I also live not far from Chicago about 20 Miles.If you would like to know anythings about Thai just write.( )

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