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I want to come back to thailand right now.
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    My name is xxxxxxxxxxx Now I live in America.
    The first time I came here i very worried about a lot of thing.
    I could not understand English very well and it very different from Thailand.
    I don't have to do anything here they have a lot of tecnology (am i spell right) for example: after dinner i don't have to wash the dishes, in every class room they have the air conditioner (for hot weather) and the heat (for cold weather) for you, in every library they have computers for you. I eat something i never eat, i see something i never see.
    When the first time i went to school i don't know anybody there,but have some people they are very nice to me. They went to say HI me and took me to eat lunch with them.But i miss my friends in Thailand so much. It not easy to me to find friends.
    I think the school here is different from Thailand ( very much). I don't know how to explaint that but it's a lot.
    Exple: Teacher, uniform,class room, ect.
    I very want to go back to Thailand but i cannot because my mom said i have to wait. I will go to Thailand after 2 Years.
    I will get a jog on this summer.I want to keep money for go back to Thailand.
    I learn a lot here like a I have to do anything by myself , I have to be strong,ect.
    If you don't mimd can you add my e-mail xxxxxxxxxxx

    Thank you
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    Vali Guest
    How long have you been in the US so far? Where in the US are you? Are you with your family or with a host family?

    I know it is very hard to make friends at US high school, I have many friends who are exchange students and I am one of their only friends who is not an exchange student! People are just not all that welcoming in high school after a while..

    Keep trying!

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    delawang Guest

    I think your mother said two years becuase that is how long it takes to get a green card. Once you have a green card you can get a good job in the US, and come and go as often as you want. While you are waiting, it is difficult to leave the country. You might have to start everything over again, very expensive and difficult. I hope the two years passes quickly.

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    Re: I want to come back to thailand right now.

    ooh 2003? where do you live now?

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    Re: I want to come back to thailand right now.

    He or she must have got many unwanted emails.

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    Re: I want to come back to thailand right now.

    If you come to the USA on a student visa it is not possible to then get a green card without returning to Thailand to apply. This is based on my experience with my nephew several years ago. So far as I know the law has not changed.

    I'm sorry you are so homesick, although it is understandable. I'm glad there are some other students who are friendly and kind to you. That always makes things more bearable. Good luck to you.

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