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Thailand=gold / usa=steel
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    Im not a Thai.Actually im an Indian from Mumbai(Bombay)city.I grew up in India.An India ruled for 600 years by Invading Muslims and an India ruled by the British for 250 years.Now I live in New Jersey(USA)since 1998.I keep travelling back to India every year to recharge my Cultural Batteries.I dont miss a chance to have a stop-over in Thailand where my Uncle and Family live.There is no comparision between Thailand and any other western country like USA where I live.Althought I am patriotic to India and USA my 2homes,but when i visited Thailand,I felt that the Asian culture still exists there,unspoilt due to no European Colonial Rule.It is true that Thailand was in Bad Influence by the Americans during the Vietnam war and still is,and the Thai Youngsters are trying to be like the Japanese who infact are trying to be like Americans.But It was like seeing an India in the 21century if it were never sucked dry by Muslims & British.Thai culture and most of the Thai people are very religious,traditional and rich with Ancient Buddhist,Chinese&Hindu culture.The Thai-Temples,Buddhist-Religion,Sanskrit Script,Tropical Atmosphere,Rivers,Forests,Mountians,Animals,Thai&B ali-Language,People,Food,Music,all together can never be found in USA.There is only1thing that makes some Thai students feel USA better then Thailand,US$1=ThaiBaht43.The day that turns around,You wont see any Thai People going to USA for work and studies.Everything esle is availble in Thailand.No1can compare 2500 years of Thai history and culture with 250 years european oriented American history.If you could see the American Kids in High Schools here,with the guns,drugs,sex & crime,Im sure you will prefer that your kids grow up In Thailand.I feel,Thai people in Thailand & around the world should be proud to be Thai and be happy to call it home,as they all are very lucky,Thailand was not spoilt by the europeans or the muslims.Nothing Compares to Thailand.I love the Thai,Chinese,Hindu and Khmer Heritage that we see in Thailand.I miss Thailand and the People of Thailand every second here in USA.Even an Indian is proud of Thailand.

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    Vali Guest
    Fred, I know being Indian you have strong feelings against the other religion of India.. (Hindus/Sikhs vs Muslims). However you may be interested in knowing that there is quite a large Muslim population in Thailand. So if you base your opinions on a nation on whether it has "been spoiled by Muslims" or not, you may want to take that into account. But that's just cuz I think you shouldn't base your opinons on a country that way.

    I however, agree with a lot of what you had to say, and even though I am half Thai I am still very proud of my heritage and I consider Thailand a second home... my country too.

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    delawang Guest
    I can't really argue with this. When I am in Thailand, I miss my family in America but I don't really miss America. When I am in the US, I miss my Thai family and I miss Thailand.

    My wife thinks that the American way of life is better for adults, but the Thai way is better for kids and older people. In Thailand, to get a good job you have to have connections; you have to know the right people. Here in America, it is a lot easier to get ahead. Young adults who do not come from well-connected families have a lot more opportunity in the USA.

    As for letting the kids grow up in Thailand, we are struggling with that right now. On one hand we don't want to rob our children of the chance to learn to speak perfect English because English speakers can always make a good living. On the other hand, Thai culture and values are better and you learn those your community as much as you do from your parents. I might enter a separate post about that, I am sure other people deal with the same issues.

    Well, I tried to disagree with you but I couldn't. Thailand is just better.


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