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I Miss Thailand
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Thread: I Miss Thailand

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    el-lo i'm weeranoot. thai student in england. i was read about exchange student who is in england so i wolud cheer-up you to enjoy with your life in england cause you have just only 6 months left.
    i'm just only one who is a thai student in this school. i was came in this country a year and half ago and i'm stay in normal english school. i've no thai-friends at all at school and i don't know a lot of thai friends in this country( as i was counted just only 3 people). after i came here for a while i found that thailand is the best place for me. i love thai tradition and custom. i miss thai new year that i'm not ever met for ages( 2 times).
    i had a lot of experience in this country since the good things until the worst thing.
    i love the education in this country and school is the best thing of me in this country i had warm atmosphere in here. my english friends would like to know a lot about thailand as well
    if you like to exchange your experience with me, you can contact me at
    i'll reply you all.

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    delawang Guest
    When you come back from England, will you be better at football? Are any of your English friends going to come visit you?

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