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Shipping out
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Thread: Shipping out

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    Shipping out

    By Tatat Bunnag, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb
    Student Weekly

    P2Warship are bigger than ever

    A few years ago, the trio P2Warship caught the attention of Thai pop fans with their catchy radio hits “Jom Yut (Warrior)” and “Yaa Yoo Yaang Yaak (Don’t Be Greedy).” They were known for their solid blend of accessible sounds and distinctly in-depth lyrics.

    The band has gone through some major changes since their successful debut. Now they’re ready to excite the pop scene again with several new members and the economically titled new album Hai (Disappear).

    Now a six-piece band, P2Warship features two of the original members — guitarist Pongsatorn Kaewsuk (Pun) and drummer Kongyot Vongvigkorn (Poey) — and new recruits Boonrit Sooksaresap (Tee) on guitar, bassist Chatchai Rungsawang (Beau), vocalist Kawin Chinnawong (Jum) and TV personality Worachart Thummavijin (Plakung) on vocals and trumpet.

    Student Weekly recently caught up with the guys to talk about their expanding world.

    << Student Weekly: Can you tell us about the band’s line-up change?

    >> Poey: One of the guys had to leave the group after the first album due to family matters. Then we got four new members, so that made us a six-piece. You could say that Hai is our first album as a full band.

    << Student Weekly: The new line-up features two singers. How do you guys work out the vocal parts?

    >> Beau: First we got Jum in as the new singer. He has a decent voice, so he’s taking care of most of the ballads and pop stuff.

    >> Poey: We’ve known Plakung for a while, so we invited him to join as well. He’s really funny and a good entertainer, so we thought that he’d be perfect for the band’s fun, up-tempo songs. He gets along well with Jum too, so that helps. [Laughs.]

    << Student Weekly: You’re known for your meaningful lyrics and distinctive sound. Has anything changed with the new line-up?

    >> Beau: Pun is still writing all the lyrics, so there’s no change there.

    >> Poey: I don’t think our sound is that much different from other Thai pop bands, but I think that our music has more variety since we got the new members.

    << Student Weekly: Is there any special meaning behind any of the new songs?

    >> Pun: Yes. When I wrote lyrics for the songs on Hai, I wanted to talk about things that have gone missing from people’s lives.

    << Student Weekly: Can you give an example of that?

    >> Pun: The song “Tun Terd Chow Yut (Wake up, Warriors)” is about the lack of harmony in our society. “Aug Sorn Sart (Orthography)” is about people using too many slang words in their speech — shortening sentences and not caring about proper spelling or grammar.

    >> Poey: Then there’s “Mao Rak (Love Drunk),” which is about losing your mind when you’re too much in love.

    << Student Weekly: Who’s the lovely model on your album cover?

    >> Jum: Her name’s GamBum. She’s also in our “Mao Rak” music video.

    >> Poey: The idea came from our label’s creative team. They said that 80 percent of Thai albums have a photo of the artist on the cover, so this could make it look more appealing and unique.

    >> Tee: They thought that the album wouldn’t sell so well if we were on the cover. [Laughs.]

    << Student Weekly: Some of you guys have moustaches and beards. Is that a fashion statement for the band?

    >> Tee: No. [Laughs.] I don’t really know the reason — maybe it’s just a coincidence.

    >> Pun: Well, I have my own personal reason. There were a lot of problems when I was working on this album, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t shave until I finished it.

    >> Poey: And you can see that Pun had started growing facial hair again, so he must be working on the third album already!

    • Did you know •
    The name P2Warship comes from the saying pestle to warship, a Thai idiom that means to have everything.
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    Re: Shipping out

    The name P2Warship comes from the saying pestle to warship, a Thai idiom that means to have everything.
    I hadn't heard of this idiom before, but it sounds an interesting one to remember. It looks like in Thai script the spelling is (ตั้งแต่)สากกะเบือยันเรือรบ , if you google that you can find lots of examples of its use.

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    Re: Shipping out

    Wow!! This is greaT!!!
    They are really funny people!!
    You can go to to see their funny videos!

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