Songs-for-life legends Carabao head to the open fields for two major concerts

Published on February 5, 2008

After two major concerts last year in the City of Angels celebrating 25 years in the music industry, songs-for-life veterans Carabao continue their musical journey down memory lane and head out of Bangkok for two major gigs in the open air.

First up is "Carabao in My Soul", which is being staged at the 15-rai Sahai Panta Restaurant and Resort in Lop Buri on February 15 at 10pm. The band then moves on to Nakhon Ratchasima for "The Diary of Carabao", which takes place at the 4,000-rai Bonanza Khao Yai, Pak Chong, and kicks off at 7pm.

Fans should be delighted with this break from the band's more usual venues of large concert halls, pubs and clubs and enjoy chilling out under the stars surrounded by trees and mountains.

The first concert, which is being organised by, the website run by the band's fan club, should be a night to remember, with early evening entertainment being provided by Koy Khon Cheewit, Phol Reggae Phukhao, Job2Do, and a comedy troupe known for their accurate impersonations of well-known artists, such as Carabao members Ad, Lek and Thierry, rocker Sek Loso and comedian Thep Phongam.

Fans can also watch video clips of Carabao's best-loved concerts, including "Made in Thailand", "Isaan Khiew" and "Khon Carabao", which will be projected on a large screen, and take in an exhibition of photographs covering their 25 years on the road. Booths selling the province's famous leather products should also attract a lot of attention.

Tickets are priced at Bt1,500 and include a range of activities being held the next day, among them para-jumping from a tower 12-metres high and climbing up Erawan Cliff, before going to worship the real Phra Phrom Erawan.

"The Diary of Carabao", organised by RS Fresh Air, will see the band "speaking and singing" their way through a collection of numbers covering their entire career to a natural backdrop lit by lasers.

"Fans of Carabao will be completely saturated with their songs and stories while chilling out in the nature and winter breezes of Khao Yai," promises Vinij Lertratanachai, RS Fresh Air managing director.

"We'll be playing what our fans want to hear - folk, electronic and, of course, rock - plus some songs that we've never played before," explains Yuenyong "Ad" Ophakul, the band's frontman.

"Pongthep Kradonchamnan and Parn Tanaporn will jam with us on stage."

Ad Carabao will also perform his new song, "Saeng Haeng Sratha" ("The Light of Faith") in commemoration of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana.

Tickets for "Carabao in My Soul" cost Bt1,500 and can be booked by calling Koong at (085) 046 2427. Text (081) 404 3100 for more information.

Tickets for "The Diary of Carabao" are Bt1,000 and are available at

Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

The Nation