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Thai student in uk
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    Hello everyone,

    I was inspired by reading all those posts in the Thai student abroad (I think it is that title) and I just could not contact Gor to tell my story so anyway here it is.

    I started studying in the UK 3 years ago as an exchange student of one organisation in Thailand. I was first sent to go to language school in Birmingham for 1 month. That one month was great and I literally had a great time, both with my thai friends and japanese friends. (I can speak Japanese therefore it is not hard to get to know those japanese people)

    One month pass, I had to move to my permanent host family who are in Folkestone, Kent. There I went to school in Dover. I really liked the school and friends there. However, my host family was not that nice to me as they never took me out anywhere with them. I never complain and just tried my best to be a nice host student living there. I cooked for myself although the organisation already paid to host family for all that. It seemed to be unfair to me but again maybe I was just scared to say anything.

    I have learned so many things there during those 10 months of being an exchange student although one thing that was a down point was the school only allowed me to take GNVQ's leisure and tourism, GCSE single science, English and AS-level ceramics and Maths which only science, english and maths that are useful for me for my intended higher education.

    After those 10 months, I decide to move school as well as leave my host family and stay in the boarding school instead (where I am now). I again found it difficult to adapt into the boarding house because there are so many chinese students and they all speak Chinese together, where I am left being alone (I am only Thai in my school). I therefore decided that I would not depend on those chinese people (or any asian) and instead I tried to get to know more about English girls (my school is all girls school). It is great to know more english girls as in the end what I achieved most is to be able to speak English and communicate with them even more. However, I still do not have a close friend who I can always talk to.

    At the end, I got very excellent grades for AS-levels and I decide to move on and study in this school. I am now one of the leavers and I finally have a close friend who is English girl and who always is happy to talk to me. It is very nice to have a best friend whom you can talk with and share stuffs etc.

    My next goal now is to do well in A-levels exams (now) and to be able to achieve what I want to be and that is to be able to go to medical school here. (By the way I apply to 4 medical schools and got rejected from 3 of them, without interview- one from Oxford Uni, the Uni that offers me a conditional offer was the one I went on interview)

    I am happy to talk to all of you if you need help or worry about anything. I believe I am still learning from all those experiences. (

    It is still wonderfulk to be here. I have to thank my parents so much for giving me chance to all of these.

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    I also forgot to tell you that I received an acedemic scholarship here at my school and my fee is reduced by 50%. The procedure is that I took entrance examination to my school in the chosen subjects. (I plan to take chemistry, biology, maths, physics and art at that time for A-levels) In the end I was notified that I did best in maths and therefore I then was interviewed by 3 senior staff of the school; Head of maths, Sixth form director and the head mistress. They all threw a lot of questions on me and mostly about life, maths problems and science problems. I was rather surprised that I got scholarship as I feel I did not do that well at all.

    Anyway the subjects which I am doing for A-levels now are Biology, Chemistry and Maths with AS-level in art. The reason I took AS-level in art only was I never ever drew before I came to this school. It has been great time to be here as I said earlier.

    Oh! I also took IELTS test in addition to English GCSE which in the end I was surprised as I got 9.0 band in listening (100%) with overall 7.5 band.

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    delawang Guest
    Hi Times girl! Have u ever thought about coming to school in the US? There is an association of Thai physicians in the US and you can reach them on the internet,

    Did you alwans know you were interested in medicine or is it more recent?

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    Hi Delawang,

    I always have been interested in medicine since I was very young. (I got meningitis and my GP actually told my pars that I may not be able to attend normal school, but luckily I can and after I heard that from my pars, I wanted to be a doctor since then- actually ok I want to be a neuro surgeon)

    By the way I have heard that before going to med school in the US, people have to take pre-clinical years like to graduate from biochemistry etc. before going to med school, is that right?

    emmm..for now I have not thought about going to med school in the US yet... I just would like to do well and get into the med school that I have been conditionally offered to go first. It is too soon to decide yet I would say. I would like to achieve my goal first and leave other choices and opportunities open. (Hope I am not too arrogant or some kind but I will check the URL out- thank you very much )

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    mel Guest
    I just want to say Well Done, it must of been very hard for you, so far away from home having to deal with so much rubbish. I wish you well in your boarding school with your new found friend and hope you do well in your studies.

    It must of been very hard for you, english people can be very strange sometimes and I should know I am one!!!!!


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    januspentium Guest

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    Hi! My name is Kay. I think you've done the right things by being friends w/ those english girls and studying hard. I've been studying in the USA for nearly 6 years and most of my friends are typical Americans because of where I live there are not many Asians and I'd rather be friends w/ Americans so I can learn their culture. I just don't see the point of being here in the USA and still hanging out w/ Thai students. I'm very open-minded and I want to explore the world. Keep on studying and enjoy your life experience in the UK!

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    januspentium Guest

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    Before attending Med School in the USA, you have to take the MCAT first. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Permanent residents and U.S. citizens who did not attend U.S. or Canadian schools should complete at least one year, and preferably two, in residence at an accredited college in North America. All previous academic credits must be validated by the accredited college. The complete technical standards and key deadlines for admissions are also available.

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    januspentium Guest

    Gor Gai

    Have you applied to Med schools at York University and University of St. Andrews?

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    januspentium Guest
    Oh, I didn't realize that you are still pretty young and too young to apply to a med school. Yes, before applying to any med schools in the US, you have to earn a Bachelor degree first. Most people have degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Bio-chem. And after that you have to take the MCAT. The MCAT is like the entrance exam for those who want to attend med schools. If your test scores aren't high enough then you can say,"bye-bye" to a med school of your dream. Pretty sad, huh?

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    bunnyondamoon Guest
    Hi Kay,

    (I am Thaistudent by the way). No I have not applied to St. Andrew's or York. The Medical schools where I have applied for are Birmingham, Oxford, Edinburgh and University of Wales college of Medicine. (people who apply to medicine can only choose 4 choices)

    In the end I choose to have firm choice at Birmingham as I like it there most (apart from Oxford that I got rejected..) and they offer me typical conditional offer of AAB (in Chemistry, Biology and Maths in any order)

    About the US medical schools yea possibly it would be too long gap for me, whereas here I will be going to medical school this september. It is nice to know how the admissions to med schools in the US like though.

    *P.S. St Andrews is just too remote for me, and one of the things that I kind of consider strongly is because St Andrews offers pre-clinical year only (3 years) then students will have to be transferred to Manchester Uni to study clinical year (another 3 years) which I find I may not be able to settle. York I was actually thinking of applying but I found they do base a lot on problem-based learning while I would like to be based on mixture between lecture and problem-based learning so in the end I did not choose

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