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The best place for exchanges
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    Raulsuppachok Guest

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    thailand is a great country, offering a lot of opportunities to exchange students to learn how thai people live, act, behave, and stuff, it so diffrent from our countries that you will be surprised.... the first cultural shock i had was the way thai teenagers behave. Theyre a model of innocence, a quality widely needed in our horrible western world.
    yeah, its hard to adjust, but thats why i came all the way from mexico to thailand, to get involved in a new way of doing things...
    there are a lot of cowards right now in thailand, giving the thais problems... the thais opened their homes to students who are believed to be mature enough to travel to the kingdom to learn new stuff, but all they do all the time is giving the westerners a bad name, behaving like they were back in their countries... dont u guys know why u are in thailand? being an exchange student is about opening your minds to new things, not to expect to have fun and do the same #### you use to do in ur country. u go to thailand u do as the thais. Or of course, u can stay in Thailand and behave like those Kao San Road-Patpong-Pattaya ignorants.
    As an exchange student, you can make yourself part of the thais, or isolate yourself being a party animal with your other farang rotary friends. thats it.. lets see if i got my password for the fonts already....

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    Raulsuppachok Guest
    pues a ver si hay algun mexicano que vaya a vivir en tailandia, lo cual es muy dudable , puesto que no hay latinos que se arriesguen a ir a paises de otras latitudes que no sean europa, etc... me encontre unas mexicanas una vez y estan mas que idiotas... no aprendieron nada, o sea cero ke ver..... como diablos consigo la clave de las fuentes en tailandes?

    nos vemos

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    Raulsuppachok Guest
    how the heck do u get the fonts ??? i still havent found out...

    i would appreciate any help....

    khob khun khraaaaap

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