My name is Gla. I'm studying in Wales UK. I'm in Morriston Comprehensive school. I'm in year 12. I have been studying here for 8 months. Concerned about education here and Thailand - they are completely different, quality in equipment and also students. Here there are years1-13. Years 12-13 we call 6th form. We choose the subject only we'd like to have certificate to enter the university so some of my friends chose only 2-3 subjects. I choosed 4 subjects Maths , P.E.,English, and computing therfore we have a lot of free time and they've got a common room for 6th form: there are some activities in there e.g. pool table, table tennis, games or we can have a chat and mostly when I have no lessons I'll be there to play pool or have a chat. I have joined the basketball team and football team and I really enjoy them, football team in particular all of the players are exceptionally fine players and I'm impressed by their skill. One thing I'd like to say when previously I was in Thailand I always thought students who studied abroad were so cool!! But in fact if you come here by yourself you're gonna change your mind. As I live here I have to face everything and I have to solve every problem on my own without my family, my friends in Thailand. Sometimes I feel upset nobody even encouraged me. I have to go to next lesson - this was a little bit of my resume and I find that this website good 555 keep going all right.