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My  1st time ever!
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    SINGHA#1 Guest
    Was I in Heaven? I believe I was. I was in Thailand for 10 days. 4 of which was meeting my mother's side of her family. 3 generations that I never saw or spoke to in my entire life. That was in a village named Sikoraphun( I hope the spelling is correct). The village was 20 mins. outside Surin. My family and I traveled from Bangkok to Surin when we came into Thailand. Such a beautiful country!!!! We checked in at Petchkasem hotel where we stayed for 3 nights. The people of Thailand were the nicest people you could ever meet. Those who had very little gave so much. Everyday we went to my grandmother's village to sit, eat ( a lot of that we did),drink Singha " beer sing!!!!!" ( a lot of that we did too), and most of all, sat and tried to communicate with my family. Thank god my mom was there. She was the family translator.
    I thought that was the best. City life was Fantastic, but once I got into the village,city life didn't exist. It was totally 2 different worlds. Well i could go on for hours about my venture to thailand, so i will make this short and straight to the point. I was in Heaven. If you would like to here more of my venture please email me.I would love to share my experiences in Thailand.

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    delawang Guest
    I want to hear more!!!

    My wife's family lives in a village about 3 hours north of Surin. I have spent several months there and love it. The thing I like the most is how free the children are- they can just go anywhere and do anything they want. What a wonderful place to grow up. I think the village will always be our homw, no matter where we live or work.

    r u going to learn Thai? In Surin, they speak Lao and Khemer too. Lao is easy, but Khemer is impossible to learn.

    I hope you write more about the trip!


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    Glad to hear that!! It's always good to get in touch with family....
    Live your Life to the Fullest.
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    SINGHA#1 Guest


    Hi Del. More of my trip huh? Geez I don't know where to begin.
    Oh the children!!!! They are the most adorable people in the world.
    When we went we brought with us huge duffle bags filled with all kinds of toys, clothing, school supplies, you name it. Their eyes lit up like it was xmas.I don't know which was better meeting my family or getting all choked up watching the children opening their stuff. I can't say it enough but I truly was in Heaven. Anyway I will tell you bout my trip. Here goes.
    Day 1: We arrived in Bangkok on a sunday afternoon. We got picked up from the airport and then were transported to Narai hotel near silom village. Silom Village......very beautiful markets and very appealing restaraunts. So we spent time the first night at silom village. Then we hit the streets for shopping.
    Day 2: We checked out of hotel and went to exchange moneies and went shopping some more ( very fun). At 12 noon we started our venture up north. 2 vans, all our luggage, and 8 of us. Talking about packing it in!
    1 van had ac the other had none. thats was the i was in ( too hot). It took us bout 7 hours to get to Surin. We would have been there sooner but the driver had gotten lost. We finally roll up to Petchkasem hotel in Surin at about 8ish. The ride was very uncomfortable and did I mention HOT!!!LOL. We
    checked in the hotel only to find that their ac wasn't working.
    but they managed to bring up some fans to our rooms.
    Day 3: The day i thought would never come in my life time. The day i met my fam for the first time. As soon as we turned down my grandmother's street tears of joy over whelmed us all. We had stopped 1 block from her house and we got out and walked the rest. She had met my 2 brothers on a previous trip. She had nevevr met me. So when she saw me and i saw her i got on my nkees and "y"ed her. She came over tears in her eyes and took my hands and picked me up and hugged me like it seemed for all eternity. Very emotional stuff.
    (getting choked now as i type this). Day 3 is very long so i will end it here. I will write some more tomorrow.

    thank you for your interest

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    delawang Guest
    I am getting choked up just reading it! What a great experience this must have been for your grandmother. It must have been like a big hole in her life was just filled in.

    Thirty years ago a woman from my wife's village, my wife's Aunt actually, married a Swede and moved to Sweden. She has two children but they have never been to the village. They tried a long time ago but it was too hard to get there. They were not used to the heat or the food, got sick in Bangkok and had to go home. My wife's aunt writes every year, now in English because she has forgotten how to write Thai. It would mean so much to the family if the kids, now in their mid twenties, came to visit.

    Tell us about the rest of your trip- I can't wait to hear.


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    This story actually got me all choked up too... I read it and it hit me really badly because I did the same thing you did! (at least I think&#33 I'll post my story in the buddhism area later but i JUST joined this board like 2 minutes ago just so I could write to you and ask you about why you had to go to Thailand to meet your mom's family finally? They never kept in touch?
    This really made me happy Thanks for posting that!!

    (Did you stay in touch since the visit?)


    ok... update, I just checked and there isnt a buddhism section (doh&#33.

    I went to Thailand on exchange (fast forward 8 months) I still coudln't find my mother's family. She had lost contact for over 20 years and through pure irony I got sent as an exchange student to her home country and home town. So I was determined to find her family on my own. I talked to as many people as I could, alas no contact. so on Chinese new year, at midnight my host family takes me to the temple and we pray. I'm not religious, but I made this promise, sort of like a bargain about becoming a buddhist in my prayers in exchange for the finding of my family.

    That night I went to sleep and woke up to my host sister telling me to come downstairs. In the living room, there stood about 11 or 12 people who I never saw before in my life. Within them was my mother's brother Wong. He gave me a ton of baht and hugged me. Unfortuately, everyone spoke with an Issan accent and I was having a really hard time understanding them. They touched my hair alot and I saw a lot of teary eyes. From what I could gather, my mom lost contact with them and they thought my mom had died. They didn't know about me, and didn't know about my younger sister monica either. The person I really wanted to see was my older sister Ann who was abandoned in Thailand when she was 5. (another story). But she wasn't there.

    These reunions are just so touching. I want to go back someday ... I really do and not a day goes by that I don't think about it.

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    delawang Guest
    Wow, that is quite an experience. Have you been able to keep in touch with anybody since you've been back? What was it like telling your mom?

    Rural Thailand has changed so much over the years. When your mom left there were no paved roads, no electricity, no running water. Thai people your mom's age have really seen two different worlds.

    hope u have time to post, I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

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