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Cost of a thai living in the uk
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    The following was from today's The Nation. It is interesting as it shows how hard a Thai student is finding life in the UK. If they keep calculating what everything costs in Thai money they will soon go crazy. A 13 baht Coke costs 55 baht in the UK. A 99 baht Burger meal, a luxury in Thailand, costs 340 baht in London! For Londoners, that is considered a cheap meal.

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]The perils of becoming a 'currency converter'

    The Nation, Published on May 23, 2003

    When you're a student living abroad, indeed, if you're any Thai living abroad, you automatically learn not to convert the currency you're using into the Thai Baht. Often, the consequences of such folly are damaging. And might even be fatal.

    But then sometimes, you just can't help it. I woke up this morning to the horrible recognition that my hair had once again outgrown my head. I remembered my local barber shop in Thailand, and the nice old gentleman who gave me a decent trim for a ridiculous Bt40.

    It's not that England does not have barber shops, but the cheapest one in the small town I live in has a student price of ?5.50 (Bt377). To make matters worse, they chop, rather than cut off your hair, in about ten minutes. Who deserves such pampering?

    When you start converting, you're suddenly on a roll. I thought of the lovely little coffin I live in, completely adorned with the memorable footprints, on each wall, of those who dared live here before me. The middle of my floor has sprung some sort of mysterious damp leak, and seems to be an issue I will have to deal with in the very near future. I share a small, dirty kitchen, and a piteous shower with three other rooms. All this grandeur for a measly Bt4,253 a week.

    Venturing out of the coffin, however, is a dangerous affair. If you dare to get thirsty, a cool Coca Cola from the nearest vending machine is Bt55. If you, heaven forbid, get hungry while you're outside, an acceptable sandwich will cost you about Bt165, about the price of a nice hotpot buffet in Thailand. A self-cooked diet of spaghetti (Bt50 a pack), minced beef (Bt70), and bolognese sauce (Bt21), could get you through the day as long as you don't go crazy and start adding mushrooms or onions to it.

    Venturing further from the coffin, say to London, is the ultimate way to go bankrupt. An advanced booking of about a week will get you a return ticket for Bt1,300, but the unlimited travel card for the subway will make you almost Bt300 poorer.

    A filling meal at Burger King, the haven for poor tourists with no self-catering facilities, is Bt340. A night at a shoddy bed and breakfast somewhere in Victoria, is, thank goodness, only about Bt1,400.

    Having said that, many Thai students outside London would be able to live modestly with an allowance of Bt20,000. This excludes rent, which would be about another Bt20,000. Add the annual tuition fee of about Bt500,000 to it, and the total adds up to just over Bt1 million a year, or Bt83,333 a month. That's the price of a Master's degree here.

    Ironically, those who have kicked in to the habit of not converting, and continually exclaim that a simple, cotton Bt686 T-shirt is "cheap", are finding it difficult to limit the annual spending in the UK to under Bt1 million.

    Perhaps, it's healthier to live without converting currencies than running the risk of having spaghetti bolognese every day and dying from heart blockage.


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    If you want to spend time in the Uk, then try the northern cities. The cost of living is far cheaper and if you have to eat out then try the pubs or cafes.

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    I have just spent 5 nights with my family in england after living in Issan and bangkok for 5 1/2 years. It took me a while when i first went to thailand to understand the value of the baht compared to the pound. But once i understood i never needed to think about pounds and pennys again.
    While in England the prices looked reasonable until i coverted back to Baht, then i was shocked. Many things were 20 times more expensive than back in Thailand. Most of the people i knew when i lived in England struggled with their money each month and had nothing left so save when the end of the month was reached. when Brits go to thailand for a holiday everything is so cheap. It is no wonder that Thais thing Farangs are loaded with cash. If you consider the beauty of the country and it's people you are better to be poor in thailand than reasonably wealthy in England.

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    It does not look like gong has tried a Thai restaurant yet, now that would shake him!
    To be happy with where you are, first be happy with who you are.

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    I have the opposite conversion problem when I am in Thailand. I start to do the converting and everything seems so inexpensive that I go way over board. this is just 20B? Really? Well, I'll take five and share with friends!

    Where as, here in the US, I wonder I need this? Is this color going to match? Do I love it? In Thailand....I just pick it up and buy it. I blow through my budget....but boy is it fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by khunlungphudhu
    It does not look like gong has tried a Thai restaurant yet, now that would shake him!
    Bet trying food from any street vendor he comes across would shake him more-a good run for his money !

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