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Love scene
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Thread: Love scene

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    Love scene

    By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb
    Student Weekly

    Bell and Preaw share romantic revelations

    That feeling of love in the air is a sure sign that Valentineís Day is just around the corner. Some couples might show their love for each other with a romantic candlelit dinner or by gorging on chocolates. Some may be thinking about sending flowers to a secret crush. Others might just spend the day listening to their favourite love songs.

    There are two romantic singers from Nueng Narongvitís DIY project who, judging by the hit love songs theyíve recorded, should know all about the ups and downs of amour.

    Supol Phuasirirak (Bell) is a 26-year-old singer who wrote his chart topping hit, ďTha Hak Lok Nee Mai Mee (If the World Doesnít Have),Ē for his ex-girlfriendís birthday. Bell takes relationships very seriously.

    Kanitkul Netbute (Preaw), 24, is optimistic about love, as you can probably tell from her hit song ďKhob Jai Na (Thank You).Ē Preaw is so charming that she once had five different guys ask her out at the same Valentineís Day dinner.

    To help you gear up for Valentineís Day, Student Weekly recently sat down for a chat with Bell and Preaw. We got their expert opinions on everything from puppy love to broken hearts.

    Student Weekly: Letís start with puppy love. Who first stirred your interest?

    Bell: She was a cute classmate I met at an English language school during summer break, when I was in the fourth grade.

    I liked her appearance and personality, but we never spoke to each other. It was the first time that I really liked a girl, and I looked forward to seeing her in class every day.

    Preaw: My first love was a senior at my high school. Our love story was like a soap drama because at first we didnít like each other at all.

    We became friends after he called me at home and asked me to buy him a fish. After that, he kept calling me and later asked me to be his girlfriend.

    Student Weekly: What do you think of student romance?

    Bell: Love is always good. I donít fall in love easily, and it can be difficult for two people to fall in love with each other. So when it happens, go for it, but donít do anything inappropriate.

    Preaw: I think itís good, too. Itís good to know somebody and become part of his family. I still keep in touch with my first boyfriendís parents, even though he and I broke up.

    Student Weekly: How about having a gig?

    Bell: Itís OK to date a few girls before you commit to somebody, but if you have a girlfriend, you shouldnít have a gig. Iíve never had one. I only date one person at a time.

    Preaw: I donít like the idea of having a gig. In any case, you could never be sure how many other girlfriends he has.

    Student Weekly: What do you do when you have a crush on somebody?

    Bell: I just let it go until thereís a chance to get to know her. I never walk straight up and talk to a girl who isnít an acquaintance.

    Preaw: Iíve never had a crush on any guy ó except for Johnny Depp!

    Student Weekly: Is Valentineís Day a good time to confess your feelings for somebody?

    Bell: You should just let your feelings lead the way. Whenever you feel you have to say it, just do it.

    Preaw: I donít think you should wait for Valentineís Day. You can confess a crush any time.

    Student Weekly: Is Valentineís Day important for you?

    Bell: Not really. Some people expect to be treated nicely and receive perfect gifts on Valentineís Day. But there are 364 other days in the year that are just as important.

    Preaw: I donít pay much attention to it, but I always spend time with my mom and my boyfriend, if I have one.

    Student Weekly: Do you have any ideas on how to mend a broken heart?

    Bell: Only time can cure a broken heart. Having a new girlfriend would probably help, but it usually takes a while before I can move on.

    Preaw: Actually, I think Bell still has a broken heart. [Laughs.]

    I like to listen to sad songs and cry. That always makes me feel better. Sometimes my mom cheers me up by taking me to the beach or for a trip overseas.

    Listen to their songs at and

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    Re: Love scene


    that's such a sweet story.
    happy for them two.

    If You Can't Say "I'LL DIE IF I DON'T DO IT" Then You Shouldn't Do It.....


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