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Thank goodness for lonely planet!
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    My mother is Thai and my father is from Norway. I was born and raised in the US. I recently came back from Thailand, my second visit,the first being when I was a toddler. I went there to meet family basically for the first time, only to discover I have two sisters I never knew existed. Even though I look thai (mixed), I felt even more like a farang than when I went. I don't speak the language, and I didn't have a clue on proper thai customs, thank goodness for the lonely planet guide! Anyways, I now have this curiousity to learn everything I can on thai culture! Growing up, my mother never taught us thai language or anything thai for that matter, maybe she wanted to forget it all, who knows? I want to learn the language, but find it difficult to find classes on thai language. I would like to read from anyone that is like me, half thai or that can relate to my situation. Thanks!

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    annabee Guest

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    I dont know if this is similar or not but my aunty raised my 2 cousins like that as well..They knew nothing about being thai other than the fact that their mum is thai. She figured they were not "luk kreung" but "farangs"...and she was going to raise them as such.
    My cousins cant speak or understand a word of thai except for sawadee krup..and kop khun krup and how that they are grown men they feel so regretful that they never took an interest in wat is esentially half their identity.
    I congratulate and encourage you to reach out and learn more about being thai...when u dont its like denying half of u even exists. Good luck

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    januspentium Guest
    Believe me children who were born and raise in western countries think of themselves as westerners although they are pure Thai. I know a few of them and believe me both their parents are Thai. They'd rather have hamburgers and hot dogs instead of rice. My dad's friend is married to an American woman and his children barely know Thailand and barely eat Thai food although his children adore him very much. What can I say? It is just a typical incident.

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    ae77 Guest
    Good luck with your Thai learning. I think it's wonderful that you want to explore part of your identity. These forums are a good start. People are helpful here.

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