Hey ,
After my last post..the "supposed to be" one..well it made me wonder now different or not different the universty I attend is from a thai universty ? I know nothing bout how the system works to get into one..I do know competition is feirce..I got in to universty here in australia by sitting a serious of exams..one is called a core skills test..which took 6 hours a day for 3 days I was knackered after that.In all seriousness I would love to hear about any extra activitys that are done in thai unis or wat life at a thai uni is like.In all my three years in an australian universty..and not for lack of trying to find other activitys..there where only really three things..the inevitable "pub crawls"..the Law ball..invitation only and student government strikes or walk outs that nobody really goes too. I would love to know wat else is out there happening in other universtys ..especially in Thailand..