Vespa Ster
Vespa STER
Butterfly Records

This release is Vespa Sterís first solo album. He has produced many well-known singers and worked for big record companies like GMM and RS, so thereís little question about his ability to produce hit songs.

This album is out through Butterfly Records, where Vespa is an executive producer. The style of the album is pop-rock, and features some intense modern guitar sounds from new artist Nana. On some of the tracks, the pace is slowed down for a more romantic sound. Most of the lyrics are about love, but from a more mature angle than on previous releases.

Vespa STER contains a nice variety of feelings and moods, from slow, sad songs to upbeat rock. The lyrics are simple and easy to relate to, and they seem to be inspired by real-life experience. Overall, this is a strong effort for a solo debut. ó VH

Source: Student Weekly