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Kitteung protaet thai jung leuee. i luv thailand!
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    pook Guest


    hey all my thai nick name is pook and im 14 and live in sydney australia. i just wanna say this site is one of the best sites ive ever come across!!! cos i can so relate to a lot of these issues. im so excited that there are so many ppl like me (thai ppl living abroad and missing thailand like ####). see i was born in songkhla thailand and came to australia when i was four, i didnt have "a culture shock" like most ppl here say they did as i was only four and well...u can imagine. i started in kindy and at the time i didnt speak a word of english so i was in an esl class but i learnt fairly quickly and adjusted to life really well in australia making a whole bunch of friends. unfortunetly after a while i didnt think of myself as thai at all and liked to think of myself as australian and when my mum tried to teach me to read and write thai i didnt want to and wasnt the least bit interested (i can speak thai fluently but i can only read and write a bit as i left in anubarn 2). when mum and dad took us to thailand i was relunctant to go. it wasnt until my grandma got sick that i started to really start to embrace well the thai in me. i was 11 and in yr 6 and when we went back and that was when i got my "cultural shock". everything was so different!!!! i met all my aunts, uncles, cousins, reles and all my family!!!!!!!!&#33 ;!!! and most of all i saw my grandma who i hadnt seen since i was 8. she was really sick (her kidney wasnt working) and she was lying on a hospital bed. we both cried when we saw each other as we really close when i was little (she was my second mother and practically raised me before we moved to oz), thankfully she got better before we left and i got to spend some time with her. anyway we stayed for a month and i absouletly LOVED it!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!!!!!!
    it was soooooooo fun and i loved everything about thailand!!!!!!!!&# 33;!! the food, the weather, the people, the food and the food. I loved that fact that 20 baht could get u a fantastic meal and i loved cha-yen and coconut ice cream
    and the fruit!!!! n e way i also found out that i didnt speak 'chiat' (clearly) n e more which was dissapointing and i was determined to go back home and improve!!! in no time at all my time in thailand finished and i was back in australia again and missing thailand feircly!!!! that was 3 yrs ago and so much has happened since then but i think this post is getting a bit long but i'll finish it l8er as its late and i've got school 2 morro. well to all the ppl who r actually bothered to read this thanks!!!! it was nice to get my feelings out!!!!

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    dinkum Guest
    I'm not Thai, but I wish I was and I miss Thailand like crazy! As Dad and my sister picked me up from Sydney airport last December, that was cool, but when I got in the car and realised that I just left Thailand, then the teers welled. Anyway, nine months later, there honestly hasn't been one morning where my first thought wasn't in Thailand. I kind of feel that I'm cheating on poor old mother Oz, but you've gotta follow your heart right? I'll be back there soon.

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