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I try so hard but it's so fun!!!
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    Hello! my name is Sangmukda Geerapong-udom. It's quite long isn't it? So just call me Sang. I'm 16 year-olds. I'm now in Perth Australia as an exchange student with Rotary International. I come from Phetchabun. I have been here 7 months probably but I still have another 5 months left but anyway, let's get back to my life in Aussie.

    Before I first came here I got just a month to prepare myself and also my English was very poor at that time. That was why I was so nervous in everything. How could I live without my family? When my family took me to the airport I didn't cry, nobody cried. My parents just said to do the best of it and my big brother said you could do it. So I felt like I must do it and make my dream come true.

    When I arrived in Perth airport my first host family (I've got 4 families to stay with, I change every 3 months) and my counselor came to pick me up then my host family took me back to their house. Guess what!! How big was it? So big they are very rich. The third day after I arrived I got to go to school which is called Perth college. It is a private school and also it's a girl school. What the ####!!! My school in Thailand was a girls school as well. I tried to run away from them but I got the same thing here. Oh god I thought I canít find the guy in my life for sure (just kidding). I got more nervous because it's rich and a strict school. How can i study with rich girls? I knew it's so hard. Okay I will tell you about when I first went to school. School is the worst thing which I am concerned about.

    On the first day, when my host mum took me to school, I got some school uniforms. It's completely different they've got like dresses for summer and shirt, skirt and blazzer for winter also neck-tie and stockings as well but the funniest thing is the hat, a big hat which nobody wants to wear. Anyway, when my host mum left, my heart was beating so hard. My form teacher took me to the first class followed by time-table. I saw lots of girls looking at me but they didn't look friendly at all. I was nearly crying. Then I got 2 girls who gonna take me to second class cuz we got the same subject.

    First month at school was the worst thing. I went to school without voice because I couldn't even understand what they said so how could I speak to them. I went to school with only a smile. Sometimes I felt so tired to do something like this everyday. Nobody gave me any attention they didn't even know that I was an exchange student because The Principle didn't introduce me to everyone so everything became my business that I had to manage them all. I actually tried to talk to them but it's quite hard to communicate to each other also the Australian accent is a bit different from American.

    But fortunately my first host family were so nice to me and understood about my English so they tried to help me and taught me to speak Aussie English. They looked after me such a baby. I never went out by myself while i stayed with them. But I did love them as my real family.

    After a month passed I gotta go to travel with everyone else - I mean other exchange students from around the world. First I expected this trip gonna be great because I have to skip school for a month. But it wasn't like that because most of them already have been here for 9-10 months unlike me who has just been here for a month. So innocent. But at least I learnt lots of things during this trip. After this trip finished I had to back to school again.

    OH no!! school was like the #### for me at that time. But you know what?? When I went back to school everything like turned up side down - my friends talked to me more and I understood more. I felt more comfortable after I could fit in with my friend. Anyway then it was time to move out from my best host family, it was so sad I cried a lot, I couldnít even stop crying(remember? i didn't cry when I departed from my real family) also my host mum cried the same as me. I was very impressed with this family so much.

    Okay I think I should tell the readers about my life at the moment and some different things which I found. I am now quite happy to stay here. I made lots of friends (well not a lot but some and much better than last time). Also other exchange students are like a brother and sister because we all understand each other very well.

    I am still going to school as normal until my best friends left school (they were year 12 they left school before everyone else) what the ####!! We already have been great friend but why something must take them away from me not fair. After that I had to go to school anyway( rotary rules) so I had to continue everything. For example I have to make a new friend which was a very very hard thing. I have to change subjects and change year etc. I felt to be emotionally hurt because why every problem has to happen to me. Why??? Then I knew I had to try very very hard but I found it's very fun. Also my family always encouraged me.

    About something different from Thailand and Aussie. There are lots of differences that I found here for example

    1) Food, I do miss Thai food so much, because here I have bread every meal. When I first came here I saw a bread machine. I thought it was rice cooker because I haven't seen it before. Also they have some strange food they call Vegimite. This one is very original of Australia, you probably can't find them somewhere else. It looks like chocolate but the taste is completely different, it's very salty and a very funny taste. I'm very sure if you have to try it, you would say the same thing that it's Yuck. but for me I do love it so much. I have it every morning.

    2) Behavior, most people do whatever they want and they don't care about what people think or what is gonna happen especially teenagers like boyfriend, girlfriend - they always hug and kiss each other in public places and 90% of teenager already have boyfriend or girlfriend. Another thing with teachers is that student do not give teachers respect that I was so surprised how they speak to the teacher.

    3) money, everything so expensive here.

    They are actually more different things but I have to finish my story right now hopefully my story should give readers a benefit if not much it might be just a bit.

    This is my motto.

    Nothing gonna be bad all the time, when something good must be something bad but when bad thing come I try my best to fix them up but if not successful just leave them behind and receive new thing, better things. This motto makes me stronger and still having fun until now for the rest of my life.

    luv sang

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    rcrowe Guest
    I am an Australian who just visited Thailand for the first time. I found that not being able to speak Thai made me feel lonely too. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for you. At least most Thaiís can speak a little English and Iím older and was only staying for one month.

    I donít think Thai people are very different from Australians. I do know that we express ourselves very differently though and that can make it difficult to understand what the #### is going on sometimes.

    Glad you like vegemite. I have heard that they invented it in America but that the Americans didnít like it. We did so now itís ours (sought of)!

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