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3 months chaing mai
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    I'm a 22 year old student from the Netherlands. In August I'm heading for Thailand where I will perform my internship in Chiang Mai. I'm staying there for three months and I'm curious if Chiang Mai is a nice place to stay. And I'm looking for other students who are living in Chiang Mai!

    Bye bye


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    delawang Guest
    Simone, go to CMU on T. Houy Gaeo or to Payup University ( a little harder to get to) and you will meet farang students studying in Thailand. Easy to spot the farang students since they are wearing school uniform and ..well, they are farang!

    Also they are some bars on t. loy kraw where you can meet other farang, not students. There is a guy named Simon, similar to your name, who is from Malta. He stays in Thailand for a long time and speaks Thai really well. I think he is about 25 or 26 years old. If you meet him, please send my regards. He will not know my name, but I am Du's friend, and the middle age American who lives in Isan.

    Have a great 3 months.


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    Rabbit Guest
    Chiang Mai? Excellent place. I love Cziang Mai!


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