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What to bring, what to bring....
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    Argh! I just got my luggage for my exchange in Thailand, but all the gifts for my hosts take up more then half the bag! I have very, very little room for clothing and personal items. What's the essentials for a a year in Thailand?

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    Good to see you're thinking ahead. Here's a bit of what I packed for a year and what I found very essential.

    1 - High quality *anti-perspirant.* Obviously you'll be sweating a lot and after awhile, a deodorant kind of doesn't cut it. I'd just cut out the middle man and bring in an anti-perspirant. Plus, I couldn't find an anti-perspirant in Thailand; only deodorants.

    2 - Tampons. Not that I brought them. Honestly! Among the female exchange students I met, this was one of their biggest concerns, and apparently they were kind of hard to find.

    3 - Light, cotton clothing. Your skin needs to breathe, so wearing something light and breathable like cotton is a very good idea.

    4 - Rotary Jacket. Nuff said

    5 - You probably will not need a lot in the way of toiletries, as your host will probably head out shopping for that kind of stuff when you arrive. So, you can pick up a toothbrush, combs, and the like when you arrive.

    6 - If you absolutely need some electric items, then you should also consider purchasing a voltage adaptor when you arrive.

    7 - Money belt that can strap on underneath your clothing, and perhaps a fake wallet with only a few baht in it. Not to promote the idea that it's not a safe country, but speaking from experience, I was glad only to lose a few baht and keep my actual money safe.

    8 - Maybe a hat. But if things get really rough, you can always hold a book over your head and get instant, mobile shade that way.

    Umm that's about all I can think of for now...any other past YE (Youth Exchange) Students have any idea of what to bring?


    PS - For some...interesting...culture shock, try brushing your teeth with Darlie. It's quite effervescent , at least for Westerners!

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    Tampons?! I don't even think they even sell it there in Thailand..I think. I just see pads!!!! LOL yes bring your own!! Just in case..there's is quite "ghetto" or that's what I've seen so far...hehe! NO OFFENSE!

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    Thank you guys

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    Yea even the pads in Thailand are pretty UCK and tampons are pretty hard to find.

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