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4 months in bkk
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Thread: 4 months in bkk

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    Hi! I came across this forum by coincidence but got stuck reading your stories and just decided to register. It's fascinating to read about your experiences with different cultures, some of them so different and some of them so similar to my own ones...

    I'm a 23 year old student and I came to Bangkok in March this year to complete an internship here. I will work here until September and plan to stay in Thailand until the end of the year as this country has so many things to see and to discover... Things here are a way different from Europe but I am very happy here and I learn a lot about people (both, Thai and farang) every day.

    When I was 16 I was an exchange student in Finland for a year, that was my first real experience with a different culture. Maybe the cultural differences between Germany (where I come from) and Finland are not so obvious, but they exist and sometimes they seemed even stronger, because I didn't expect them at all. However, I learned a lot during that year and since then I love to get to know the life of people in other countries.

    Ever since I worked as a volunteer with exchange students from different countries; German students going abroad for a year and students coming to Germany. In my familiy we had an exchange student from Moldova last year - and Natalie taught us a lot as we didn't know anything about the country - it's one of these grey spots of the worldmap, at least everything but a major tourist destination...
    Working with exchange students has become an improtant part of my life in Germany and I miss it a lot here.

    Two years ago I went to Finland again (it's like my second home country...) to study there for half a year and last year I spend six months in Norway. I wonder whether there are two countries more different than Thailand and Norway.

    But I met very nice people everywhere - and also others that where not so nice. And I found many situations in which liked "typical" (if sth like that is existent) Finnish, Norwegian or Thai behaviour better than German behaviour or attitudes, For other situations I like more the "German way" of doing things. However, I'm very thankful for the opportunity of getting to know the different perspectives as I have the chance to pick the way I like best for my own future.

    see you!

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    You are one lucky girl to be able to hop one country to the next and mingle with the folks ans bask in their culture and study at the same time. The best part of it all is that you have lived periods of you life in Norway, Finland and now Thailand at the age of only 23!

    I'm fuming with jealousy now...heh heh... I envy you so much. I believe the main difference between countries in Scandinavia and Thailand is the food.

    Anyway, good luck with your travels and I am glad you are enjoying yourself in Bangkok. Cheers

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    I wanted to reply to your post just the way Makiyo did and then found she did it - I feel so jealous too! But I am happy for you!

    Another difference between Scandanavia and Thailand must be the number of people per square km. No?
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    I will have lived for six months or more in 3 different countries in my 18 years... :-P one behind, with 5 years? I can match that (I'll do an exchange during college).

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